New Music: MishCatt


Costa Rican pop by way of Sweden… This was made with the help of Miike Snow‘s Pontus Winnberg.


Watch: Galantis ‘Smile’


One of the hottest Swedish house acts to emerge over the last few months, Galantis (Christian Karlsson of Miike Snow and Linus Eklow aka Style Of Eye) come up with new visuals for ‘Smile’.

New Music: Andrew Wyatt

andrew wyatt

The name may sound familiar, but the voice will definitely be familiar. The singer from Miike Snow has decided to release his own music, and I think it’s pretty decent. It’s not happy, nor is it sad… It just floats… Check out here.

New Music: Amason


I’ve been looking for a Soundcloud link to this track for a week and now I’ve finally found one! Track of the week. This is Amason. Or more precisely, a Swedish supergroup consisting of this lot… Check out here.

The perfect human, according to Miike Snow

To celebrate the release of their new single and video, Miike Snow have decided to build a little illustration on the perfect human, in a way only a Swedish band would do.

It’s official…

… one of my favourite pop songs of 2012 is to finally become a proper single. ‘Cerahtonia’ is by Fibes, Oh Fibes! and produced/ co-written by Pontus Winberg of Miike Snow / Bloodshy & Avant

It’s been given a real jig up and now has some female voices which we’ve been left guessing who they are. I think I know though…

First Watch: Coco Morier ‘Ambulance’

Since releasing material earlier this year Coco Morier has gone from strength to strength- and is now signed to INGRID – the artist collective with Lykke Li, Peter, Bjorn & John etc. Check out this new video for the single ‘Ambulance’.

First Watch: Miike Snow ‘Paddling Out’

One very, very strange video. But did you expect any less from Miike Snow? Exciting stuff!

Lykke Li and Miike Snow make a song together.

Two Swedish heavyweights making one epic track. So excited for Miike Snow’s upcoming record.


Miike Snow show off another new track

I have a very strong feeling that Miike Snow are going to blow up this year. Everything I’ve heard is just as amazing as their debut.

New Music: Coco Morier

The work behind this newcomer is pretty mind blowing. We’re talking about input on this sound from Peter Bjorn and John, and Lykke Li and Miike Snow. That’s amazing. It’s the sort of beat that oozes coolness without trying at all. Check out here.

First Listen: Fibes Oh Fibes! ‘Cerahtonia’

I’ve been waiting for these guys to come out with new music for what seems like a lifetime! Cute and quirky Swedish pop. What’s more exciting is their upcoming album is produced by Miike Snow‘s Pontus Winnberg. Check out here.

First Listen: Miike Snow ‘Devils Work’

The Swedish supergroup are back with an epic track and it’s nothing short of flawless.

New Music: Johan Reinhold

I actually really like this- it sounds very different to a lot of the music I get sent, which makes it refreshing and new. And on top of that, it’s a very slick production. That’s because Johan Reinhold is a Swedish Grammy nominated indie electro-pop singer/songwriter who has just released this song, “Shoot Me Down” which was created by some of Sweden’s most prominent producers and engineers like Astma & Rocwell and the Lasse Mortén (who produced Lykke Li, Peter Bjorn & John, and Primal Scream). Check out here.

Free Download: Miike Snow ‘Silvia’ (Voodoo Farm Remix)

I don’t usually feature new remixes of old songs but I really want you to check this one out of a song by Miike Snow, called Silvia. The original is a stunning piece of pop, but this remix just makes me want to have a can of red bull and run down a rainy Hyde Park naked. Download below.

MP3: Miike Snow – Silvia (Voodoo Farm Remix)