Watch: Freddie Long – Sober

After spending the last eighteen months working on new music, Freddie Long is back today with one of the most powerful releases of the week.

Serving as Long’s first single from his forthcoming debut album ‘LOVE/HATE’ (out next year), ‘Sober’ is a raw and brutally honest pop-rock anthem which finds the artist singing about turning to alcohol as a way to deal with a break-up.

The song marks a new beginning for Long, who has spent the last few years experimenting with different sounds:

“I’ve always felt like I’ve been trying to find the right fit for my music. The previous few projects I’ve enjoyed and loved working on but this project has felt different. I feel like I’ve connected with my roots. This music makes me feel something, on and off stage.”

The accompanying video for the track features drummer Kieran Leigh, and was filmed in an empty garage with the help of friends:

“I’ve always been hands-on when it comes to visuals, I enjoy creating and coming up with concepts. This one was no different. We managed to pull this shoot together within one day and I’m very proud of what we achieved.”

Freddie Long

Freddie Long – Hide And Seek

Few vocalists are able to convey depths of emotional rawness as intensely as Freddie Long. The London-based artist recently celebrated his music exceeding five million streams from just two EP’s and a handful of singles.

He delves deeper into his emotionally revealing narratives on new track ‘Hide and Seek’. Despite his growing skills as a songwriter who uses music as a release for turbulent feelings, on ‘Hide and Seek’ he almost immediately confesses, “I knew the words but couldn’t get them out.”

“It was a tough song to write. Going through hard patches in my relationships with others made me realise my mistakes. I wanted this song to be a message about that. Looking back at the moment I didn’t see that I was letting people down and not giving them 100%.”

Freddie Long

Freddie Long – White Water

“Through all this hope there’s always your past experiences, vices, and temptations creeping in, trying to pull you back down. ‘White Water’ references the unsteady current of water within a rapid, unstable current that makes the frothy water appear white. Uncertain and fierce”

Freddie Long