JAYNIE – Own Advice

Rising Swedish talent JAYNIE is back today with an infectious slice of alt-pop that has to be heard!

Playful as much as it is melancholic in tone, ‘Own Advice’ was written alongside obi mani (aka Tobias Kihlman), and is inspired by that all-too-familiar situation when we choose not to follow our own advice.

“It’s like it’s so easy to give out advice to friends and family but when it comes to yourself it’s like the hardest thing to to do and you become a total contradiction.”

The song continues to shine a light on this promising singer-songwriter, who seamlessly finds ways to weave serious and thoughtful lyrics into creative pop productions.


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New Music: JAYNIE

Life wouldn’t be normal if we didn’t feature at least one Swedish pop talent every week. So here’s a treat for you!

JAYNIE takes inspiration from the music of the early 2000s and adds a current spin to create something playful and charming; all the while her lyrics carry darker tones as a contrast. On her new single ‘Blame’, JAYNIE explains:

”It’s like playing chess, you have to be smart and know the next move to ruin the other persons plan (aka push the right buttons to get an outcome that’s in your favour). But it’s silly, because in the end it’s JUST a game, but it can get a little too serious and then it’s not fun anymore. It’s knowing when you’ve gone too far that’s the hardest I think.”