Lava La Rue – Vest & Boxers

Without a doubt one of the UK’s most exciting artists, Lava La Rue consistently breaks barriers with her future-forward approach to music-making and sharp lyrics. West London’s finest now returns with another incredible song, produced by Courage and Saya Gray:

“I wrote ‘Vest & Boxers’ to be deeply relatable of what dating was like for myself and my teen lesbian / nblw friends growing up. I reference all the little moments we joke about – not knowing if you’re on a date or just meeting up as friends, walking into their bedroom for the first time and thinking how good it smells, not coming home for 2 days after the first night together and deciding to just move in. We were all guilty of it! Vest & Boxers is what we would refer to as our ‘dyke uniform’ – we’d wear it under our baggy denim/ oversized suits with the waist band showing as a little signal to all the other gays in the room.” 

Lava La Rue

Watch: Lava La Rue – Magpie

Dreamy, almost cosmic fusions of RnB, soul, pop and jazz from London’s finest, Lava La Rue. This track is bliss in it’s purest form.

“The ‘Magpie’ music video is London’s subcultural history timeline personified into a person walking through a tube carriage. Showing many elements of how British Caribbean sound system culture, UK black punk, Notting Hill carnival, 2000s Grime and more, would become the blueprint of the contemporary music scene we know today. Pay close attention as each small detail represents moments of both the rise & sometimes the decline of these movements.”

Taken from the new EP ‘Butter-Fly’ which is out now.

Lava La Rue

New Music: Lava la Rue

Exciting pop talent, coming straight out of my part of West London!

Lava la Rue