Leyla Blue – Gasoline

Consistently delivering some of the most charming and eccentric pop, Leyla Blue is truly becoming somewhat of a musical obsession for me. Self-penned ‘Gasoline’ details a date that never happened due to the interest flaking out.

Taken from the upcoming EP ‘THE BLUE,’ which is out soon via Island Records.

Leyla Blue

Watch: Leyla Blue – What A Shame

With Women’s History Month launching this week, Leyla Blue’s viral anthem for female empowerment ‘What A Shame’ has truly made an impact.

To date, the song has been featured on over 200,000 TikTok videos (using the original audio), and amassed over 15 million global streams after landing on more than 15 Spotify viral charts.

“I’m just starting out. There’s so much more I want to do and so many more people I want to reach. For me, the ‘I made it’ moment is some manifestation of inspiring or helping others to reach their potential – having a real effect on a life.”

Leyla Blue

Leyla Blue – Company

To put it simply, this is the kind of pop that sends a shiver down your spine from it’s haunting beauty.

Leyla Blue

New Music: Leyla Blue

“My music is essentially an extension of the voice inside of my head,” she admits. “In social settings, it was like I was exploding inside, because of how I much I felt like I didn’t belong. I was miserable. I learned there was no way around these inner battles—only through them. I didn’t become confident in who I am by denying the shit I’ve gone through, I’ve had to own it. I came to terms with my issues through making music.”

Leyla Blue