Annoying, obnoxious, irritating and amazing.

I hate M.I.A. I know a lot of you love her, and I respect that. But I really can’t stand her. However, I don’t hold grudges. I despised this throughout the first 60 seconds, then something in me changed. So now I like it. Just this once…

New Music: Teachers

AKA Benjamin Bronfman (the man engaged to M.I.A), this is an eclectic bit of music that’s edgy and interesting at the same time. It’s been around since last autumn but I only got round to appreciating it properly tonight. Really good. Check out here.

First Watch: Robyn ‘Dancehall Queen’

This song originally featured in Robyn’s first Body Talk album. I have to say though, this whole M.I.A VHS-retro mashup video thing is maybe a couple of years out of date now in my opinion. But song is good!