Clean Bandit – Baby (feat. Marina & Luis Fonsi)

Clean Bandit

Free Download: Marina and The Diamonds + Charli XCX ‘Just Desserts’



Marina and The Diamonads and Charlie XCX are giving you a slice of pop to take away, produced by Dan Dare.

2012’s Random List

I started the Random List last year, and it was pretty fun for me to do so I figured I’d carry the tradition on for another year. So here, I present to you the winners of some random, and not so random, categories that have come out of 2012.

Biggest debut to come out of nowhere

miriam bryant

Miriam Bryant. This category also covers best track of the year too, I guess (which I’m sharing with Beatrice Eli, below). I still remember reading the email introducing to her. I really didn’t expect to hear what I did. It picked up with other blogs too. In terms of debut releases, this really is as big as they come.

Best gig of the year

Woodkid Southbank Centre Queen Elizabeth Hall London November 2012

Woodkid featured in last year’s Random List, and a few weeks ago I had the privilege to catch him at London’s South Bank. Epic is an understatement for what I was exposed to.

Most upsetting

nicki minaj flo rida

This one’s a tie between Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida. Unnecessary cameos from both of these on what otherwise are pretty good pop tracks (like above) have led me to just really not like either one of these. I know that will upset a lot of people, but sorry. Enough.

Scariest but fiercest track from Scandinavia

beatrice eli

This one goes to Beatrice Eli, one of the standout artists of the year for me. I should also point out that this is my joint favourite track of the year, along with Miriam Bryant (above). It’s so hard to believe this is one of her first tracks. Can’t wait to hear new tracks!

Most exciting big-label signing


Jetta. Expect to hear more over the coming months from this lady.

Most underrated album of the year

noisettes contact album cover

The Noisettes. I already put up a post about this here, give it a read if you like. Sad really.

Biggest u-turn of the year

marina diamonds electra heart primadonna

Marina & The Diamonds. Actually, it’s not so much of a u-turn as an appreciation for her. Rarely do I moan about artists on this site, but Marina was behind one of my biggest whines back at the start of 2011. That post got me some pretty nasty feedback from some. This year though, her second attempt at ‘being bigger’ paid off when Primadonna was released and topped the charts. Good for her.

Here’s someone taking full advantage of being a pop star…

marina diamons heartbreaker video

Marina & The Diamonds is very hit and miss with me. Her latest album (singles aside), wasn’t too great in my opinion. But she has a huge, passionate gay following and knows how to work it with videos like this.

The new Foxes single is rather good…

It’s a cross between Clare Maguire and Marina & The Diamonds but better, in my view.

Time to eat my words

A while back I wrote a moan about Marina & The Diamonds… She came across as a spoilt kid, and that annoyed me. My friends would roll their eyes the moment they would hear me throw a rant about her, and tell me I got it all wrong. But I did say that she had potential, and yesterday afternoon she claimed the UK album number 1 spot. And the lead single is all about being… a spoilt brat. So actually, I like her now. I do. Not that she would care, but yea- Marina you’re cool.

“I feel pissed off I’m not bigger.” Maybe you’re shit?

Marina And The Diamonds. Have you heard of her? I’m pretty sure you have. I’m also sure you’ve read some of the rave reviews following her debut album, and maybe known her to be one of BBC’s One To Watch from last year. She’s been on the radio, on the telly and on pretty much any music blog you can think of. But I haven’t featured her much. I admire her talent, and I have friends who adore her, but for me, she is missing something. I see huge potential, but I don’t think she’s got there yet. And then I read this short newsbite from the BBC, in which ‘Marina’ moans about her American label, and moans even more strongly about how unfair it is that she isn’t a huge pop star. And that pisses me off.

‘Marina’, you’ve got the exposure, the team and the talent to make something extraordinary out of yourself. I was willing to follow you, and to see what you would come up with next. But I see that you’re just an impatient soul who seems to compare herself above everyone else and wonder why you aren’t as successful. If you got it right, people would have brought your records. There’s nothing wrong with aspiring to become a huge artist- but moaning like a spoilt wannabe is just about the most off-putting thing you can throw at people.

Blogs like this one look for, encourage and publicise up-and-coming musical talent that deserves recognition. There are always people looking for the next big exciting thing. You had the chance, and you still have it. Some would consider being talked and written about to be something worth celebrating. Don’t be such a brat. End of rant!