Mina Okabe – Miss Those Days

Undoubtedly one of my favourite exports from Denmark so far this year, Mina Okabe is back today with not only a sensational single, but an entire album full of pop gems to delight your audible senses.

New single ‘Miss Those Days’ is a shimmering and emotive track, with a lyrical topic everyone can relate to at some point in their life.

“It’s about friendship – about a close friend of mine. We used to be together all the time but one day she had to move far away and even though we promised to stay in touch everything we had just faded out and disappeared. ‘Miss Those Days’ is about everything you take for granted and the wonder of sudden change.”

Taken from the new album ‘Better Days’ which is out now.

Mina Okabe

Mina Okabe – Walk Away

The Danish/ Japanese pop starlet returns today with a sublime piece of pop that shimmers with summery vibes and smooth vocal tones.

Listening to Mina Okabe gives you that sense of reassurance that something better is coming on the horizon – even if her love is bittersweet.

“I wrote ‘Walk Away’ about the feeling of not knowing if the guy that I was seeing was as interested in me as I was in him. I was asking myself, if I should walk away from what we had or keep giving him chances to prove me wrong.”

Mina Okabe

New Music: Mina Okabe

In my view, it’s near impossible not to fall in love with this song immediately once you press play.

Born and raised in London by Danish and Japanese parents, Copenhagen-based talent Mina Okabe is still only 20 years old. Yet somehow, there’s a sense of timelessness in her sound that feels mellow, soulful and inviting, all the while being effortlessly cool.

‘I’m Done’ is out via Copenhagen Records on 30th October 30 2020.

Mina Okabe