I can’t go to this…

lemaitre relativity

Commitments from my ‘office job’ mean that I can’t go to one of the most fun gigs of the year tomorrow at Fabric. If you can, go – it’s Norwegian disco puppies Lemaitre with support from Fehrplay, Monsieur Adi and A*M*E.


First Watch: Monsieur Adi feat. A*M*E ‘What’s Going On?’

Monsieur Adi

I’ll be very upset if this doesn’t go number 1.  Biggest radio-pop track from Monsieur Adi you’re likely to hear for a good few weeks I reckon. Released 17th November.

Monsieur Adi feat A*M*E – What’s Going On

Monsieur Adi

LOVE THIS! Disco at it’s finest from Monsieur Adi and A*M*E.

Rave a little with Monsieur Adi

Some good French electro from Monsieur Adi to welcome you to the weekend. Woo!