Nick Wilson – Everybody But Me

I’ve featured Nick Wilson so many times on the site over the years, and I am always impressed by the level of consistency that this 25-year-old talent maintains with each release. The music speaks for itself; introspective lyrics compliment the simple melodies beautifully.

“‘Everybody But Me’ is a song about hitting your lowest point, and feeling like it’s impossible to climb back up. It’s so easy to see what you think is other people at their happiest when you’re at your lowest, and it’s in that comparison that you end up feeling even worse, lonely and on your own. This song for me was a way of articulating that need to be helped out of that hole by the person you love the most. Sometimes we need to be reminded that we are good enough; to be shown what we can’t see ourselves.”

Nick Wilson

Nick Wilson – Say It Now

“Say It Now’ is about that helplessness of realising something is over before it’s even been said. The frustration of knowing that something isn’t right, but not know-ing what that something is. I really wanted to tap into that almost ‘pre break-up’ mindset; two people both dancing around the idea that it’s not working without ever looking at it face on, finally hitting that breaking point of I don’t even care that it might hurt, I just need to know. It’s about that moment of complete vulnerability that comes with that.”

Nick Wilson