New Music: Maya von Doll

Maya von Doll is a very special lady. That’s because she’s responsible for co-writing half of one of the standout pop albums from last year, that of Nicola Roberts‘ – including Beat of My Drum. She was also part of electro-pop band and Youtube hit, Sohodolls .The single’s just come out, and I’m so excited to see where this goes next! Check out here.

Why are people not talking about Nicola Roberts?

This is Nicola Roberts‘ latest single, and what can only be described as bubblegum, radio-friendly pop. Only it’s not being played on the radio. Maybe she needs a little Pitbull cameo…

First Watch: Nicola Roberts ‘Lucky Day’

Nicola Roberts, one-fifth of Girls Aloud, didn’t make as much of a splash on the fickle world of British pop earlier this year with her Diplo-produced debut, Dance To The Beat Of My Drum. This is her second go at selling some records.

It carries that same vein of  ‘can’t be bothered to belt out some chords’ vibe which she seems to be carving out to be her sound. She was always the underdog in the Girls Aloud-do-solo-projects race, but she’s being the most original so far. I approve.

First Listen: Nicola Roberts ‘Beat Of My Drum’

I know, a lot of people will look down on this single but for what it’s worth, this is about as edgy as mainstream pop is in the UK right now- and it’s actually a lot of fun. Produced by Diplo and Dimitri Tikovoi. She was always the odd one out from Girls Aloud, and this single is pretty left field compared to what the other girls have done with their solo stuff. And dare I say, I see small hints of Robyn in there too. Check out here.