Tourist – Holding On (Braxton Remix)


Braxton’s remix for Tourist’s ‘Holding On’ feat. Josef Salvat & Niia.

Listen: Tourist ‘Holding On’ feat. Josef Salvat & Niia


New cut from Tourist featuring Josef Salvat and Niia. Basically, three of the hottest acts around in one track…

Listen: Niia ‘Body’


One of the better Niia releases of late. If you’re into Jessie Ware then you’ll likely love this.

Listen: Niia ‘Generation Blue’


It’s near impossible to know what the deal is with Niia, but I still believe this lady will be on everyone’s lips in 2014.

First Watch: Niia ‘Made For You’


I first featured Niia back in May 2010… And I never really forgot about her. So to watch this new clip emerge has been one of the highlights of my week. Gorgeous voice.

New Music: Niia

Technically, Niia hasn’t made any records yet (as far as I’m aware). She featured in a track by Wyclef called ‘Sweetest Girl’ a while back, but her voice and style are in a league of their own. Sexy voice and sleek piano music production that hasn’t been touched by the big record labels… yet… Check out here.