Novaa – The World’s Thing

A beautifully introspective release from Berlin based alt-pop singer-songwriter Novaa.

On new single ‘The World’s Thing’, the artist lets the emotion do the talking through an offbeat and unfiltered melody – setting the tone for her refreshingly honest lyricism to shine through.

“‘The World’s Thing’ is an ode to the indifference and the apathy caused by the overload this world lays on me sometimes. Shit things happen all around and all the time and they eat me up at times. I needed a song to help me find a lightness and ease in all that, something that turns the drama into a comedy for a short while to make it bearable. This song comforts me and makes me smile even during shit times, and I hope that it does that for others too.”


Novaa – Cyber Room

This song came to life after an unsettling encounter between Novaa and a stranger online who turned out to be a creep.

“But when I started writing the second verse I found myself talking about the way we present ourselves online and how we are completely different people online and in real life. Still we often think we connect with each other online which can lead to a lot of confusion and loneliness.”


Novaa – To Be Yang

Track of the week. A song that feels definitive of the times we live in now, and on a personal level really gave me something to think about. Lyrics aside, the track balances gentle beats with a subtle sense of tension. Quite a beautiful piece.

“Often I feel like an outcast but then I feel like most of my peers feel like outcasts as well. I always thought that being young means being hopeful and full of ideas and energy. And I still believe that, but somehow the reasons to be hopeful get less and less.”