RALPH – Love Potion

It seems like everything RALPH touches turns to musical gold. Now she’s back with a new twist to her sound in the form of ‘Love Potion’.

This is a shimmering blend of disco and electro-pop, flirting between something that feels timeless yet still current and refreshingly fun.

“I wrote ‘Love Potion’ almost a year ago with my sweet pals David Charles Fischer and Terence Lam (the same team behind ‘Gravity’).  I had just watched the movie ‘Midsommar’ and couldn’t get the imagery out of my head. I kept thinking about this one scene where the cult women create a love potion to woo the male protagonist… and soon I was deep in a google hole of ‘history of love potions’ (they date back to Biblical times!) I came into the session with that as my lyrical inspiration, and pretty soon we wove a dance-y, bass-soaked story of a woman afraid she’s loving her lover… so she cooks up a brew to remind him just how sweet she is.”

Taken from the upcoming EP ‘GRADIENCE’ which is due 7th July 2021 on Rich Man Records.


RALPH – Crush

“I remember being a kid and being obsessed with this world of sweet female pop music. Mandy Moore, Robyn, The Cardigans… and ‘Crush’ by Jennifer Paige. I had a babysitter named Kelly who I idolized. She drove a blue convertible and chewed gum and would play ‘Crush’ in the car. The song made me feel cool and flirty and powerful, and years later, I wanted to try and recreate that feeling.”