Rhys Lewis – What If

Rhys Lewis

Rhys Lewis – Hold On To Happiness

We’re simple creatures at heart, I don’t believe we need a lot to be happy, but we live in a complicated world now that seems to make us focus more on the things we don’t have than the things we do. Social media makes people fall into that trap, and I’ve realised how damaging it is.

Life just happens, and it’ll pass you by if you let it. So, I’m trying to stay more in the present, to be truly there when the moment’s golden, to make memories I’ll reminisce not regret.”

Rhys Lewis

Live: Rhys Lewis at Borderline London

Rhys Lewis played London’s Borderline last night where he showed off a pretty likeable pop-rock vibe. Fun night.

Watch: Rhys Lewis – Living In The City (Live at The Round Chapel)

Rhys Lewis plays The Borderline on March 30th.

Rhys Lewis