Rina Sawayama – Lucid

When has Rina ever disappointed? Never? Correct.

“It’s about living a different life through dreaming, whether it’s to be with the dream girl or to be the dream girl. Me and Lauren Aquilina wrote this together on the floor of my tiny rented living room back in early 2018.”

Taken from her upcoming album ‘SAWAYAMA: Deluxe Edition‘ which is out 4th December.

Rina Sawayama

Watch: Rina Sawayama – Bad Friend

“The song is about the heartbreak of losing a friendship and realising that you were the cause of the breakdown. When you hear the song, this is not the video you imagine – but that’s exactly what we wanted. The music video is a reimagining of the themes in Bad Friend; of longing, loss, self-hate and ultimately self-love.”

Rina Sawayama – Cherry

This throwback pop sends me back to the 90’s while still keeping that trademark soul edge that Rina does so excellently. It’s a genuinely infectious slice of future pop that doesn’t feel any shame on sampling the past.

Rina Sawayama