First Listen: Ruby Goe ‘A Light’

ruby goe

I’ll be honest, this didn’t captivate me from the first listen. But it compels you to have a second serving, and it is a grower. Not as punchy as Goe’s previous efforts but worth a spin.

First Listen: Ruby Goe ‘Sq1’

This is as current and fresh as it comes. Released October 29th 2012, I’m hoping the world wakes up to the genius of Ruby Goe┬áby then because it really is a short matter of time before she becomes radio’s best friend.

First Watch: Ruby Goe ‘Badman’

I can’t get enough of Ruby Goe- single by single she seems to be getting better and better. This is the video for new single, ‘Badman’. Sexy.

New Music: Ruby Goe

I saw Ruby Goe live ages ago as part of a showcase and wrote about here. I guess since then she’s refined her sound and has come up with this. It’s very slick pop with a bit of that dark raw edge that seems to be the trend for 2012. I’d be very surprised if this didn’t blow up in the coming months. Check out here.

Live: Ruby Goe, Japayork, Daley and Starsmith at Gold Dust

Ruby Goe was amazing… I’m so happy I heard her perform tonight. Admittedly, her set sounded awful outside the venue, but the second I went in I has a massive smile on my face. It was good to see Japayork perform, it was fun and a bit crazy. I didn’t know much about Starsmith, when I first saw him I though Calvin Harris v.2 but he was mind blowingly good! Cameo’s from Stine (Alphabeat) and Daley were great, and Starsmith’s two singers were hyper as fuck!