Silver Sphere – football game

A wildly eclectic and fun slice of electro-pop from 21-year-old American talent Silver Sphere.

“I wrote the chorus of ‘football game’ when I was in high school. At the time, it was about exploring sex and love for the first time, and the feeling of nativity that comes with that. But it’s also about the double standard of exploring sexuality for young men and women, and how often girls are shamed for the very experiences boys are praised and idolised for.”

Silver Sphere 

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In my mind, Silver Sphere has mastered a kind of bubblegum pop that’s so perfected and finely tuned that it’s really impossible not to enjoy. This track happens to be both mellow and yet somehow is still a banger… That’s talent!

Taken from the EP ‘all my boyfriends’ which is out now on RCA.

Silver Sphere

New Music: Silver Sphere

Already on her way to global domination (with over 13m Spotify streams worldwide), Silver Sphere debuts this subtle yet sassy pop number today and it’s totally mesmerising.

Silver Sphere