Skinny Living – No Messiah

At first this song was just raw emotion and feeling, but as we dove further into the lyric it became so poignant and it was clear that it was something I needed to say to my little sister. We were close growing up and I was extremely protective of her but at the time of writing No Messiah she had been going through some serious adult life challenges that I couldn’t get involved in and it made me feel frustrated just watching and doing nothing. Growing up, she was definitely the most timid of the 3 of us, but I can vividly remember some moments where she would break free from that timid character to stand up for herself, those around her or what she believed in and I wanted to remind her of the powerful inner strength that she has to overcome anything. This song is speaking directly to her and I feel it carries as much weight for someone listening in my position as it does for someone listening in hers.”

Skinny Living