Sofia Monroy – Control

It wouldn’t a normal weekend at Alfitude without featuring some premium Swedish music, and today it’s the turn of Sofia Monroy.

Serving as the last single from her forthcoming ‘Telenovela’ EP (out in the spring), new single ‘Control’ presents listeners with a perfected fusion of future-forward pop, alternative R&B and soul.

The resulting sound is one that feels sleek, finessed and refreshingly experimental in tone.

“‘Control’ is about the fear of losing control in connection with the longing to be someone else’s everything. All of a sudden you find yourself there, tied behind and perplexed, perhaps in love or maybe just stuck.”

To date, this rising Stockholm-based starlet has accumulated more than 300k career streams on Spotify alone.

Sofia Monroy

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Sofia Monroy – I Don’t Wanna Fight

Sofia Monroy never fails to disappoint with the jams. Here’s a simple RnB pop song that’s all about complicated love.

“For me this song is a personal story about loving someone so unconditionally that you can’t let go of a relationship even if you know it’s destructive.”

Sofia Monroy