First Listen: Strangers ‘London Lights’

strangers band

A bit of pop from synth masters Strangers for your Saturday evening.

First Listen: Strangers ‘No Longer Lost’

strangers band

I’ve frequently featured Strangers on here, and that’s because they always come up with some big pop show stoppers like this one.

First Watch: Strangers ‘Something New’

strangers band

New single from Strangers that sees indie synth beautifully executed. Out May 13th.

Free Download: Strangers ‘What Is Love’ (Haddaway cover)

I’ve made no secret of how much I like Strangers, but mix that with this completely unexpected working of Haddaway’s camptastic club classic ‘What is Love‘ and you get a very excited Alfie.

First Watch: Strangers ‘Safe/Pain’

I’m such a fan of these guys. Strangers return with their second single of 2012. Following on from April’s ‘Shine On You’ the 3 piece dark synth pop sorcerers release ‘Safe / Pain’ via Stranger Sounds on August 20th.

First Listen: Strangers ‘Shine On You’

I love this band. This is beautiful, and I think it’s probably going to help everyone on this Monday morning. ‘Shine On You’ is due for release on April 16th via Killing Moon Limited/Beatwolf Records.

New Music: Strangers

I love this. Dark synthy pop, formed in 2010 by David Maddox-Jone, formerly of The Departure. Leading track ‘Promises’ is sinister yet romantic tale of lost love and the broken promises it often entails. Check out here.