First Watch: Thomas Holm ‘Alting Forandres’

thomas holm

A serious Danish pop song. My only critique with this video is the lack of Thomas Holm’s handsome beard.

Thomas Holm is back!

thomas holm

One of my favourite Danes, Thomas Holm, is back with a new single. I’ve been told it’s about changes, but my Danish is awful. The chorus is cool.

My favourite Danish pop man is back…

… and he’s back with a big clubby track. Yes, it’s in Danish, as are all of Thomas Holm’s releases but who cares- I love it!

Thomas Holm comes back with good pop

So Thomas Holm. Readers may know how obsessed I am with this very unique Danish pop star (his videos are always so fun to watch). Anyway, he’s out with a new single, and as I’m not a Danish speaker, I’ve found it a bit tricky to understand the lyrics but Google Translate informs me that the title translates to ‘Fuck The Pain Away’.

I’m not sure that’s right because it seems that the single is also featured as a part of a Danish TV show, but my guess is it’s something to do with using love to fix hate. Or maybe I’m just being innocent. I was able to get all of Thomas Holm’s stuff on British iTunes so my guess is it’s available in most European countries. Download it. Even if you don’t have a clue what it’s about- just believe that it is very amazing.

Thomas Holm ‘Lidt for Lidt’

My obsession with Thomas Holm continues. This is his latest single, ‘Lidt for Lidt’ – something to do with being too little, or such… There’s so much good music coming out of Denmark right now, very exciting. I wish people wouldn’t get put off by enjoying music that isn’t in English!


I love this video way too much. I can’t really figure what he’s singing about other than he’s having a bad time with luck but I think the boxing gloves show that. Thomas Holm is amazing yea! I wish UK solo men would have this much fun with their music.

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