New Music: Sunshine Boysclub

Formerly the lead singer and songwriter of successful Los Angeles indie-pop outfit Youngblood Hawke, Sunshine Boysclub now crafts a style of music that is uniquely his own. Eccentric and genre-bending, this is a sound that is immediately captivating and just so easy to connect with.

‘Right Out The Window’ deals with the fragility of passing time, grappling with the impermanence of daily life, and serves as a reminder to be grateful for things before they disappear.

Taken from the debut album ‘Hut on the Hill‘ which is out now.

Sunshine Boysclub

First Watch: Youngblood Hawke ‘We Come Running’

One of the catchiest anthems of the year so far now has a video. So hard not to smile when I hear this song.

First Listen: Youngblood Hawke

Featured late last year, it’s very easy to put Youngblood Hawke’s new single on loop and listen to it all day- catchy and really bright pop. Will this be their breakthrough? Yes…

New Music: Youngblood Hawke

Wake up! It’s Saturday! And this is just about the best song to get up to- so feel good! Check out here.