New Music: Reece Lemonius

A simple delivery for a beautiful melody. This track could easily turn to a disco jam and I would still dig it.

Reece Lemonius


Caleb Steph – Trapped

Meaningful hip hop.

‘Trapped is the darkness and frustrations you feel when everything holding you back is almost inescapable. Asking yourself ‘What do I do?’ ‘Where do I go?’ ‘Who do I go after?’ The answers lie within yourself. That inner beast holds the light. Let it loose and don’t look back. Trapped came when the beast was unleashed.’

Caleb Steph

New Music: iloveyoustill

‘A schizophrenic creation of Ulla Trust formed in response to those suffering with mental health issues. All of which lead Ulla to strive to help anyone to overcome their own demons using music as the conduit.’


New Music: lennixx

Track of the week. A Swedish duo delivering smooth RnB with a soulful, poppy edge.