New Music: Kristin Husøy

Norwegian pop with an essence of bluegrass. This song in particular is competing to represent the country at this year’s Eurovision, and I think it’s got a strong chance.

Kristin Husøy


New Music: GZ Tian

Track of the week. There’s a sense of bravery with the production on this track from English newcomer GZ Tian. It’s a creative mix of understated RnB and catchy hooks.

GZ Tian

New Music: Savant Bleu

“Going through the motions of love and the lengths to silence all the extra voices to prove to someone I love them & I don’t care what anyone says or feels. I just want you through this f****d up world of a matrix.”

Savant Bleu

New Music: Muyinza

“I’ve been cheated on twice, both of them got pregnant when they did, this song is a letter to both of them. I know a lot of people the same, particularly men that never really talk about it, I decided to write mine out.”


New Music: Running Lights

“This song is a deeply personal journey and a familiar story of how we face our personal and professional failures with the hope to reinvent ourselves.”

Running Lights

New Music: Gabrielius Vagelis

I stumbled across this dark pop gem from Lithuania over the weekend (it’s competing to represent the country in Eurovision this year). While it’s sung in its native language it felt too good not to share.

Gabrielius Vagelis