New Music: Orions Belte

A refreshingly original sound from Norwegian 3-piece outfit Orions Belte. Their trademark style of blending underground pop, psych, rhythmic instrumentation and world music creates a mysterious yet infectious mix of sounds which are totally mesmerising to experience.

“We feel like we have a really strong connection between us. That’s why we can write stuff on the fly and record whole songs in one take and use all the parts from all three of us.” – Blomstrøm, Orions Belte

Orions Belte

New Music: Nordi Blu

A stunning combination of pop-rock and gospel with a hugely powerful vocal. ‘Eye Of The Hurricane’ is a song that is elevated yet deeply powerful; moving you with it’s epic grandness.

Having already achieved recognition in the past by advancing to the quarter-finals of The Voice of Germany, Nordi Blu is now on course for world domination through her unmistakably unique style of music making.

Nordi Blu

New Music: EXUM

Credit: Chelsea Dacosta

Track of the week. There’s truly no other song like ‘Dark Kept Secret’ out there right now. And that makes EXUM one of the most promising talents for me so far this year.

A luscious fusion of indie, pop and orchestral tones come together in the most majestic way you could imagine. It’s a sound that feels future-forward while still retaining an essence of timelessness.


New Music: Maia Onda

A phenomenally talented Austrian newcomer, singer-songwriter Maia Onda introduces herself to the world with the release of ‘Dead Plants’.

Still only 19-years old, this talent possesses a captivating vocal tone with which she delivers vivid lyricism, over a production that carries hints of pop, soul and jazz.

Maia Onda

New Music: Lucy Blue

Irish singer-songwriter Lucy Blue creates stripped-back pop with an emotionally charged tone. It’s a sound that feels familiar yet new in equal measures.

Lucy Blue

New Music: S. E. Webster

A hazy and nostalgic blend of indie-folk and rock from a talent who was born and raised in the deserts of Southern California.

‘How Long?’ is song that’s all about a jealous lover’s bargaining phase of the end of a relationship. It’s a track that feels modern yet also carries a sense of timelessness with it, which is a pretty hard accomplishment to perfect as well as Webster has done.

S. E. Webster

New Music: Amber Ryann

A perfect fusion of hip hop and pop from Los Angeles based artist Amber Ryann. Music runs in the family with this talent (her dad was a hip-hop producer), and for that you can hear a sense of confidence come through on this track that wins you over immediately. ‘Bad‘ was written as a way to look in to the negative effects of hanging onto a toxic relationship; something all too many of us know about!

Amber Ryann

New Music: Jae Soto

A New York City native who currently resides in Brooklyn, Jae Soto’s voice is the first thing that catches your attention when you press play to this song.

It’s got a gorgeously unique tone that glides all the way throughout ‘catholic school’, a self-produced song that seamlessly blends funk, RnB and pop into something quite magical.

Jae Soto

New Music: KiD RAiN

You’ll struggle to find a song that stays in your head as long as this new release from British talent KiD RAiN will. Pop at it’s purest, this is a catchy, playful, and totally infectious slice of joy.

“If someone asked me to sum up KiD RAiN, I would just show them this song. It captures everything I want to be as an artist in 3 minutes. Fun, energetic, not taking myself too seriously. This isn’t a song for the “cool kids”, it’s a song for everyone else.”


New Music: post car crash scene

A refreshingly original talent from the UK, post car crash scene’s approach to music making with ‘hindsight.‘ blurs the lines between rock, hip-hop, rap and pop.

This blend of genres gives the track a sense of uniqueness that is wonderfully captivating.

“Lyrically, the song is about the trappings of today’s world and the struggle for motivation.”

post car crash scene

New Music: Low Girl

British alt-pop newcomer Low Girl has come up with one of my favourite releases this week. She’s already caused quite the stir with previous single ‘ICU‘, which garnered attention from the likes of BBC Introducing, BBC 6Music and Radio X.

Big Now‘ was born out of a frustration over climate change that had been building for years, and was finally sparked by the ‘every man for himself’ attitude Low Girl saw all around her at the start of the pandemic last year.

“Above all, this song is a plea to be heard and understood. It’s about destroying the planet for wealth that you don’t take to your grave. And it’s to remind myself to fight apathy whenever I feel it stirring inside me.”

Taken from the debut EP ‘Big Now’ which is set for release on 30th April 2021.

Low Girl

New Music: Arthur Valentine

A hugely promising artist hailing from Ireland, Arthur Valentine is a name to watch out for. This up and coming musician and producer blends elements of RnB and pop together to form something that feels familiar yet new.

While on the surface, ‘Dream About You‘ seems understated and stripped-back, it’s a deceptively intricate sound that was written, recorded and produced in Valentine’s home studio over an 18-month period.

 Taken from the forthcoming debut EP ‘Splitscreen’.

Arthur Valentine

New Music: Ann Christine

This is some of the most exciting Danish talent to emerge so far this year. Ann Christine‘s experimental approach to pop fuses elements of rap and turns it into something refreshingly crisp, original and catchy.

You can hear a strong sense of boldness and confidence radiate through her sound, which inevitably leads you to totally falling in love with this kid.

“’CCC’ is truly about deliberation. About living out loud and not apologising for it. Chaos is such an inevitable importance to our lives: It’s where we both break and make ourselves – and isn’t that the beauty of it? I’ve always been a bit loud in my way of living – especially spending most of my twenties in the Berlin subculture – and through the old sayings of cats and dogs, I’m telling it as it is: Cats cause chaos that dogs don’t do. I want that my listeners feel it, breathe it in and go out in the world with a strong spine and head high.”

Ann Christine

New Music: Blood Honey

A finessed yet stripped-back approach to alt-pop by a duo hailing from Wales. The sound feels dark and rich in emotive tones that are inviting yet sentimental.

“Our music explores power balances and the struggle for control over addictions, relationships, and emotions.”

Blood Honey

New Music: Paris Michael

Raw, dark, intense fusions of hip hop and electronica that are so out of this world you just have to press play and experience this talent for yourselves.

Paris Michael

New Music: Keni

Bubblegum pop with a contrasting essence of melancholy. The vocals from 19-year old LA talent Keni are what really stand out for me on this release though; there’s a beautifully unique tone to them that is completely mesmerising.


New Music: Satya

Moroccan-Canadian talent Satya crafts a finessed blend of dance-pop and RnB which is so immediately enthralling that you’ll struggle to get this bop out of your head all day.

“This song is about finding true love but also feeling like you could be in trouble because you’ve lost control. ‘In Trouble’ means a lot to me because I never expected to find this kind of honest and genuine love. This is first and foremost what I wish people the most. I wish they find the love they deserve, that they find someone who will make them shine”.


New Music: Whammyboy

‘Rocking with You’ is without a doubt my favourite release from Norway this month. Self-described as ‘space pop’, Whammyboy brings a unique approach to music making that feels emotionally charged yet dreamy and psychedelic at the same time.