New Music: danny orange

Summery, hazy indie pop with a sense of mischief.

danny orange

New Music: Will Bryant

A new British talent who creates breezy, almost dream-like pop sounds that are both catchy and emotive.

“How it feels when somebody you care about leaves the country. You see their face everywhere you go and your hometown just isn’t the same without them there.”

Will Bryant

New Music: Andria Piperni

Mesmerisingly dreamy jazz-pop with soulful undertones; the kind of sound that helps you escape to your happy place.

Andria Piperni

New Music: Cristina Hart

Talk about being global… This talent is a Swiss-born, Spanish and Brazilian, London-based songwriter, who crafts finessed pop music that creates an impact through simple melodies and lyrics that are easy to appreciate.

Watch out for the debut EP ‘Sell a Dream’ which is set for release this autumn.

Cristina Hart

New Music: Ade Mai

A universally loveable indie folk sound that is both uplifting and atmospheric. The song itselfwas written at a time when Ade Mai was experiencing the excitement of moving to a new country.

“I had just moved to the UK from my home country Finland, and I was full of energy and wanderlust. I met lots of new exciting people and got to live next to the gorgeous Bournemouth beach. I am sure that’s where the cheerfulness in this song comes from.”

Ade Mai

New Music: SOFIA

A Norwegian talent who is already on an ascent; having been featured as singer and co-writer of Coucheron’s wildly popular single ‘LOUD‘, and more recently with the release of ‘I Don’t Want to Lose a Friend‘ garnering almost half a million streams and being the most played single on Norwegian radio NRK P3 this spring.

The sound itself feels organic, mellow and soulful. There’s a unique charm to the music that makes it relatable, warm and full of emotion.


New Music: Malla

An exciting talent from Finland who merges classic disco sounds with synth-pop and sleek house vibes.

“‘Tilaa’ asks more space for personal and universal speculation moments and raises a moment where unnecessary hustle and bustle has subsided freeing up time and space for a new kind of view of thoughts and being.”


New Music: FERGUS

A beautifully introspective sound from a London-based talent that flirts between being melancholy and powerfully emotive.

“I wrote ‘Enough for You’ when I was feeling desperate after the same old fight with a mean drunk. I felt like I was trying really hard to be who they wanted me to be and make it work, but I kept getting shot down. It was one-sided and it hurt me more each time because only I remembered why. ‘Enough for You’ provides the context and sets the scene for all the songs so far this year, and the story is told in the order they were released.”


New Music: SCORS

A London-based indie pop outfit with an emotive yet eclectic sound that’s full of character.

“When we made this particular number we decided to write a proper love song with little to no sad undertones. We made use of quaint and slightly clichéd lyricism to reflect this. Here we have ‘You & I Get Along’ – a song about longing, lust and affection with the narrator putting into words their idyllic view of their lover. Though realising there’s no obvious way to express their affection they come to a realisation – why over explain it?”


New Music: Scintii

An indescribably beautiful, conceptual and future-forward sound that is cinematic, atmospheric, and totally captivating.

“I don’t really think about genre. I think about what I’m trying to communicate – an atmosphere, or an emotion.”


New Music: Victoria Canal

As far as alt-pop music goes, this is one of the most engaging songs that I have encountered so far this month.

A powerfully self-aware sound that is also empowering through it’s lyrical honesty. Taken from the EP ‘Victoria, on which Canal explains:

“The entire EP is an exploration of my ‘self-worth meter’, how it functions in two modes like an on-off switch. But also, how all these different parts of a person can coexist with each other – I can be a blissed out yogi, and also an awkward mess. I can feel like my own best friend, but also like my arch-nemesis.”

Victoria Canal

New Music: Keith William

Nashville based singer-songwriter Keith William creates love songs that subtly blend elements of pop, RnB, and hip-hop together to form a sound which feels unconventional yet relatable.

“‘Blue’ is a song I wrote about this toxic relationship I was in. I’d find myself constantly going back and falling for the same lies all over again. The end of the song sonically switches and really encompasses that back and forth thought process I went through during that relationship.”

Keith William

New Music: Yuki Dreams Again

An enormously exciting sound crafted by 22-year old Canadian talent Yuki Dreams Again. The sound itself is a refreshingly conceptual take on alternative pop that feels minimal yet emotive.

Yuki Dreams Again

New Music: A is for Arrows

On the surface, this Canadian power-pop outfit creates refreshingly feel-good bops, but dig a little deeper into the lyrics and you explore the more downhearted side of love.

“The song is definitely based on real emotions and a time in my life where I didn’t feel very confident in my relationship. I felt like the person I loved wasn’t fully invested and even though it hurt and no matter how terrible they sometimes made me feel, I couldn’t stop loving them.”

A is for Arrows

New Music: OSKAR O.

A melodic lo-fi pop sound that packs a ton of emotive character.

“‘Sleep It Off’ is about that time you were ghosted without even realising it. When you liked someone so much that even though they gave you so little energy, you made excuses for them, and held out hope for way too long. You kept telling yourself they’re tired and sleeping it off, but they were just sleeping on you.”


New Music: Alex The Flipper

This is the kind of soulful disco that is impossible not to vibe along to, no matter what kind of music you’re into.

Alex The Flipper