New Music: Dillistone

Dance pop with hints of mellow disco.



New Music: Lauren Martinez

“Then after the breakup, he kept trying to throw other girls in my face trying to get my attention months later. So I wrote this song as a letter to him saying everything I wanted to say during the relationship, but never could.”

Lauren Martinez Music

New Music: Vallé

“Star’ is a song I wrote out of an argument with my lady, it came directly after an argument we had just had one night. I was frustrated and couldn’t sleep, so I started writing to vent, but by the second verse, I realised something, and I reminded myself that when I had nothing, she still rode me, and she was still about it, so when times get tough and disagreements occur, as they always will, I need to remind myself of all the times she has had my back, just as I did when I was writing this song.”

New Music: Ferdinand

“Dynamite’ is potentially the best song I’ve ever made. The record reminds me of late 90s early 00s Max Martin type pop productions. It’s not what we set out to do but that’s kind of what happened and I really love that.”

Ferdinand (Left Boy)

New Music: Delilah Holliday

“Rise of the Phoenix’ is a song about rebirth after a dark time, I finished writing it when I was in the old town of southern Portugal. I got really inspired by the cobbled streets and the old untouched buildings.”

Delilah Holliday

New Music: Ben Kidson

“One day after one particularly ridiculous session, I literally thought what the fuck am I doing here so just left, and started using what I’d learned writing songs for myself.”

Ben Kidson