New Music: Whose Rules

Norwegian bedroom pop with a quirky and admirable essence.

Whose Rules


New Music: Henry And The Waiter

The world may not have heard of this phenomenal German talent yet, but with over 12 million streams on Spotify alone, as well as successful tours around Germany, Switzerland and Austria, Henry And The Waiter is an indie-pop name to watch out for.

“My little paradise is my home; my retreat which I created with my partner. Especially in times when it’s not possible to be in public that often, I have become aware of the importance of a safe retreat for inner peace. The prescribed isolation stimulated my creativity since there were only a few options for distraction.”

Taken from the upcoming EP, ‘Hidden Spirit’ due soon.

Henry And The Waiter

New Music: Elizza

Of all the pop songs I have heard this week, this is by far one of the catchiest, with an infectious hook and a fantastic beat.


New Music: YESICAN

If you’re a fan of the likes of Miike Snow then you’ll fall in love with this exciting debut from YESICAN.

The track was entirely performed, mixed, and mastered by the group themselves, who consist of music pro’s Ben Masters, Jeff Liffmann, and Max Benson.

They chose the name YESICAN “for it’s positive affirmation that defines the mentality and attitude they aspire to heed in life, especially during these times of uncertainty.”


New Music: Giorgia Borg

An incredibly intense, epic, powerful vocal from a singer who’s big break came at just ten years of age performing for Britain’s Got Talent 2019.

Yes, that vocal is coming from a 11-year old talent. Truly phenomenal doesn’t even cover it. Just the pure emotion of this song is enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand. Watch out for this kid…

“The song is about how important it is to take children’s opinions, feelings and thoughts seriously. Just because we’re young and don’t know everything about life yet and we’re still learning, it doesn’t make us any less valuable than the adults. However, at the same time we still need guidance, love and protection.”

Giorgia Borg

New Music: thisisNAMASTE

A refreshingly empowering and finessed electropop release from a new Scottish talent who’s got world domination in her sights.

“Anxiety and mental health is something that effects so many of us in different ways. This song is a reminder to myself and hopefully to others, that we are bigger than our anxieties and insecurities, we can do whatever we set our minds to and we truly are enough.”


New Music: Rosa Raye

This is one Danish talent to watch out for. A perfected blend of RnB and pop, served in the most charming and endearing way you could imagine.

Rosa Raye

New Music: Houston Kendrick

A sound that is pure escapism for me. A tempo that creates tension, matched with ethereal vocals and a melodic structure that cries of melancholy.

Houston Kendrick

New Music: Eric Ryan

This kid has a naturally soulful tone to his vocal which is just about the most beautiful thing you could audibly experience today.

Eric Ryan

New Music: Love Level

A debut from this Gold Coast duo, who have crafted a beautifully polished blend of chill pop and indie.

“The inspiration for this song came to us on a night out when we spoke to a friend and he told us he was so drunk that he was on his ‘love level’. We took that idea and wrote a song that expresses the euphoric feeling of being intoxicated in a room full of the people you love. We also played on the idea of the song being interpreted from a romantic perspective – the vulnerability and overwhelming emotions that come with any new relationship.”

Love Level

New Music: MARTH

A feel-good fusion of chilled hip hop, funk and disco. It’s the kind of sound that picks you up on a grey day and brings you back to life again.

“It’s about being there for someone and knowing what they go through and helping them move on.”

Taken from the mini-EP, ‘Dualism’ which is out now.


New Music: Maja Kristina

Another week, and another trademark, flawlessly produced piece of Scandinavian pop.

Sweden-born singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Maja Kristina has already amassed nearly 10 million streams to date with a sound that feels both powerful and emotive while still encapsulating a sense of youth.

“My music is meant to tell a story. It’s almost as if you’re having a conversation with a close friend. Everything I write is like that – no matter if it’s about heartbreak, jealously, love, or anything. I write in the same way I talk. I’m discussing the smallest things in life that you’d only discuss with the people closest to you.”

Maja Kristina