New Music: Mörmaid

It’s been a hot minute since we featured top-rate Scandinavian electronica, but that dry spell is well and truly over with the introduction of Norwegian artist Mörmaid.

‘Manicfest’ is a banger and an anthem in equal measures. This is a bop that reminds you the weekend is just around the corner, and deserves to be on everyone’s playlists!

“‘Manicfest’ is a reflection piece on the increasing trend of manifesting, and how I feel like it’s mostly a trend amongst people who already have a lot but still want more. It’s not really a criticism of the practice, but rather a question mark. The song also touches on the themes of overconsumption and the ambition to always climb higher, never being fully content even when you reach your goals.”

Alongside her own compositions, Mörmaid has also worked with the likes of Ben Alexander, Tobi Duchampe, Jenny Alien and Brand New Moon. We think this is one Scandi talent whose momentum will continue to grow over the coming months… one to watch!


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New Music: OX4ORD

Photo / Dylan Guy

Despite being a relatively new name to the Australian hip hop scene, OX4ORD is a talent who has already picked up seals of approval from iconic tastemakers like Complex, Acclaim and Purple Sneakers.

New single ‘VISIONS’ showcases a finessed style of sound that pushes the boundaries of the hip hop, and presents listeners with a reflective piece of music that features thoughtful lyricism and a heartfelt vocal delivery.

“With ‘VISIONS’, I wanted to take a step away from the dance-centric sound that I’ve put out recently. It was an opportunity for me to give people a glimpse behind the mask; it’s honest, it’s raw, and it’s a sound that you’re going to get more of from me moving forward.”

To date, OX4ORD has amassed more than 150k streams on Spotify alone, while his previous single ‘OKOK’ (listen here) charted at number 1 on Vevo’s Hip-Hop/Rap Playlists, marking his status as one of Australia’s most exciting rising stars.


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New Music: Sofie Mathiasen

Sofie Mathiasen is an emerging American-Danish singer and songwriter who is currently building considerable traction across social media – particularly on Tik Tok where she’s already amassed more than 50k followers.

‘Smile’ is a captivating dark-pop song that was lyrically inspired by the effects of social media on people and society. Mathiasen explains:

‘Smile’ is a song about that discrepancy. The fable of a clown, but also a mirror to society in the age of social media.

Alongside her growing presence online, the artist has also garnered thousands of streams from the release of just four singles. This is one talent to keep on your radars in 2024.

Sofie Mathiasen

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New Music: Jaye Rsvd

One of the most distinctive songs to have been released this week comes courtesy of Michigan artist and musician Jaye Rsvd.

‘Curious Adventures’ presents listeners with an eccentric yet effortlessly cool blend of alternative soul, old-school hip hop and R&B. The sound is sleek yet punchy, and the clever lyricism leaves a lasting impression.

Listeners can enjoy more of this promising newcomer’s music through his 2023 EP ‘From Summer Skies’, which can be heard here.

Jaye Rsvd

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New Music: ELLES

Track of the week. The high calibre of fresh Canadian talent never ceases to amaze us. ELLES is a newcomer whose style of sound is so beautifully emotive that her new single ‘i do’ is already one of our favourites of the season.

Through its thoughtfully constructed fusion of indie and pop, the song tells of the complexities of human relationships:

“‘i do’ is about pure duality and contrast surrounding love in the human experience. i love someone, they hurt me, i should dislike them, i don’t. i made mistakes in this relationship, does that mean i deserve to be hurt like this? is it right that i still wish them the best regardless? love is f*cking weird man and this song was me allowing myself to feel pain, love, longing, and loathing in the same breath. in ‘i do’ i am the victim and the perpetrator. sometimes we are both but assign ourselves one role so we can justify our own or others’ actions. it’s important to be real with yourself, especially in times of high emotions. see the situation from all sides, then heal.”

To date, ELLES has amassed more than 110k streams on Spotify alone from only a handful of releases. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for this hugely gifted singer-songwriter.


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New Music: Honeysucker

Honeysucker is the new musical project of American indie-pop artists Jack Brickner and Sam Wright.

Inspired by the likes of Hall and Oates and Bobby Caldwell, this promising duo construct a distinct style of sound that somehow feels timelessly classic yet also fresh and edgy in tone.

New single ‘Honeydeux’ serves as a perfect introduction to the band’s sound. Self-described as ‘Yacht Rock meets Brit Pop’, this song is likely to become one of your favourite indie anthems of the autumn.

“This song is about Tonya. At least I think her name is Tonya. I never got her name but she looked like a Tonya to me. She had a chocolate brown pixie cut and bright red lipstick with a platinum earring in one ear and a gold one in the other. She was dancing with a leather jacket tied around her waist and a vodka soda nestled in her palm (I’m guessing it was a vodka soda because everyone was drinking those at the time, I still don’t know why, they objectively taste like shit).

I watched her sashay past me, leaving behind a tantalising trace of that instantly recognizable scent, Honeydeux. The unmistakeable French perfume lingered for a few seconds before fusing into the communal musk. She weaved through the crowd, eventually settling into a spot on the dance floor among three or four friends. She swayed gracefully but with intention, translating each note, beat and line into a moving picture without spilling one drop of that preposturous clear concoction they call a cocktail.

And then there was me. Tipsy, coming down off E. I tossed a few fake glances around the room to see if I could catch her glancing my way from the corner of my eye. No dice. Unfortunate but so it goes. I still had a pretty good night all things considered.

Anyway, this song’s about Tonya. I hope she’s doing well.”

Honeysucker are currently working on more new music, while also performing at venues across New York with fellow musicians Zach Kornhauser and Gavi Kutliroff.


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New Music: luke is tired

Hailing from London is promising newcomer luke is tired (aka leadmetoland), who has just released a melancholic new single called ‘halloween party’.

Lyrically inspired by a party that no one comes to, the track lays bare the artist’s feelings and emotions in a heartbreaking and moving way. Elaborating further, luke is tired says:

“While the verses focus on some real-world experiences (‘I threw this Halloween party, invited some of my best friends…’, ‘I’ve never been one for drinking, […] does that make me boring?’), the chorus belts out the frustration and disappointment that these experiences evoke: ‘guess I’m not worth showing up for, no, I’m never missed’.

Impressively, luke is tired writes, records and produces all of his music, and self-describes his work as ‘happy sad bops’.

It’s not often that you come across a talent who is so open and honest with his work, and for that we see a bright future ahead for this artist.

luke is tired

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New Music: Repeat

If you’ve never experienced ‘stoner rock’ before then we’ve got a very special treat for you.

Swedish band Repeat have been gaining steady momentum in recent months thanks to their distinct style of sound, which is bold, vivid and energising in character.

Today marks the release of the group’s self-titled debut album, along with a thumping new single called ‘Out of control’. The track is immediately arresting, and sets the sonic tone for the rest of the record.

“The idea behind the album is to provide a short and explosive experience of repetitive aggressive songs. We really prefer the short formats and a direct presence. The mix of stoner rock and alternative rock with loud very fuzzy guitars, rumbling bass and aggressive yet stiff drums, gives its own unique progressive style.”


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New Music: Poster Club

Scottish rock newcomers Poster Club are here to banish your midweek blues away with an energising new single that we’re sure you’re going to love.

‘Shared Circumstances’ is lifted from the group’s forthcoming ‘Deterioration Part II’ EP, and was inspired by band’s memories of their teen years. The track feels punchy, rebellious and bold in tone, making it a perfect anthem for anyone who’s ever felt like a misfit.

“The track explores the ‘shared circumstances’ we all had of feeling belonging within our own little alternative sub-culture groups, but not fitting in with the popular crowd. The verses are very bouncy and carefree, perhaps reminiscent of the fun we had with our wee group of misfits mostly united through a love for punk and alternative music. Conversely, the pre-chorus and chorus are much more angsty and aggressive, mirroring our emotions towards how we were treated by the in-crowd for being ‘super freaks’.”

Poster Club have been building steady momentum since releasing their debut EP ‘Deterioration Part I’ (listen here) earlier this year, even garnering support from outlets as prominent as BBC Introducing Scotland.

Poster Club

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New Music: Fig Tape

Track of the week. At the forefront of emerging Norwegian electronic talent is Oslo-based Fig Tape, who has just released an impressive new single called ‘Boundaries’.

While the track presents listeners with an experimental and future-forward style of production, it also maintains a playful pop sensibility that makes it feel relatable and fun to experience.

With more than 425k career streams and recognition from national heavyweights like Norway’s P3 Radio, it’s looking likely that Fig Tape will become one of Scandinavia’s newest musical exports.

Fig Tape

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New Music: Michael Isaak

If you’re a fan of Phoebe Bridgers or Conan Gray (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) then you might have a new artist to obsess over soon called Michael Isaak.

This LA-based newcomer thoughtfully blends elements of indie and folk with acoustic pop, resulting in a sound that is sincere, emotive and honest in tone. Elaborating on his new single ‘okay with this’, he says:

“Rock bottom felt like home. And in that darkness stood a strip of blue tape on my childhood bed frame. My brother put it there in some effort to tell me it’ll soon get better. That blue tape became a reminder of all the pain I endured–leaving college, losing friendships, feeling denied for who I was–but also the hope that I could overcome it all.”

A former Princeton neuroscience student, Isaak is now embarking on a new musical journey that has already seen him gain more than 70k streams from just two singles. We anticipate big things for this talent, so be sure to keep him on your radars.

Michael Isaak

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New Music: da nang

If you’re in the mood for some 90’s inspired garage rock then we’ve got the perfect banger for you today.

‘eye for an eye’ is the latest single from emerging Canadian group da nang, and delivers a style of sound that feels both fresh and nostalgic in equal measures. Elaborating on the song further, they say:

“Fuelled by life’s ugly endings, ‘eye for an eye’ is a classic revenge song that points the middle finger both outward, and inward.”

Despite releasing only a handful of singles since their debut earlier this year, da nang are already marking their name as one of Canadian indie’s most interesting and promising newcomers.

da nang

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New Music: Chris Buxton

Summer might well and truly be over for most of us around the world, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy one last shimmering bop before the cold nights settle in.

‘LEXI (MAKE TIME)’ is one of the sweetest and most uplifting love songs that we’ve come across in quite some time, and showcases rising Charlotte, NC artist Chris Buxton‘s natural flair for songwriting.

“The song represents the honeymoon stage after years of being with someone. After time spent trying to figure out if the relationship was meant to be, I finally matured and realised that everything I wanted was right in front of me. The record is the perfect song to end the summer on, and it’s a deep dive into my own relationship.”

Buxton’s music has recieved praise from heavyweight tastemakers as respected as Lyrical Lemonade, MTV UK, Fashionably Early and A1234. In addition, the musician has amassed more than 3 million streams on Spotify alone.

Chris Buxton

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New Music: mike rowave

If you’re familiar with Australian indie outfit The Moving Stills, then chances are high that you’ll enjoy bandmate Mike’s new musical project, mike rowave.

‘Santa Ana’ treats listeners to a hazy fusion of bedroom pop and lo-fi surf rock. Explaining the lyricism behind the song, Mike says it was:

“inspired by growing up and figuring out how to navigate new connections and relationships.”

While this is still only mike rowave’s second single (following ‘peace pipe’, which was released earlier this year), we think that this is one indie talent to watch for in the coming months.

mike rowave

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New Music: Sultans Court

Photo / Nouki

We are starting the weekend with a sensational new outfit emerging from Germany called Sultans Court.

In our opinion, this group are responsible for creating some of the most interesting indie sounds to come out of Europe right now. New single ‘Autopilot’ presents listeners with a flawlessly constructed fusion of psychedelica, soul and indie-pop.

The sound is smooth, dreamy and utterly entrancing to experience. Elaborating on the song further, they say:

“The song delves into themes of helplessness and estrangement within a relationship. Imagine a long car ride where nobody engages in conversation.”

With more than a million career streams to date and support from heavyweights like Radio 1 Germany, it’s safe to say that this is one band to watch for.

An upcoming EP called ‘Everything’s Fine’ is scheduled for release in January 2024.

Sultans Court

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If you’ve ever wondered what an indie-rock Bond theme would sound like, then pressing play to ‘I Can’t Stop the Rain from Falling’ by rising Danish band CAROUSELS should give you a sweet glimpse.

Through its impressive production, the track transports listeners to a mysterious sonic universe that feels melancholic, moody and reflective in tone. Lyrically, the song addresses the challenges that life throws at us – as the band explains:

“It’s about going through a series of difficult life events, and many friends and family trying to rationalise and spiritualise the reasons for why. Meanwhile, few acknowledged and tuned into the pain and hardship experienced, making the whole situation more difficult to go through.”

Despite forming only last year, CAROUSELS have already begun to generate hype across Denmark. The group have played iconic venues like BETA and Råhuset, and collaborated with musicians as noted as Fyfe.


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New Music: SadCrush

German newcomer SadCrush is one of those talents whose style of sound is so unique that it’s actually quite hard to assign any one genre to.

The artist’s work has been labelled as a hyperdream project, and their debut single ‘AstroDrive’ seems to fit that description well.

With its Y2K-inspired techno production, the track somehow manages to feel both nostalgic and future-forward in equal measures.

“‘AstroDrive’ channels the aesthetics of space expansionism and the digital singularity as a form of escapism in a global state of crisis. Instead of succumbing to this idea, the song proposes escaping into our human bonds and relationships.”

The song showcases a musician of who is refreshingly unafraid to push their creative boundaries, so we can’t wait to hear what comes next!


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New Music: Marcus Mackey

Photo / Michelle Gonzales

Hailing from LA is promising Californian artist artist Marcus Mackey, who has just released one of the catchiest singles of the week.

To put it simply, ‘S.E.L’ (Someone Else’s Lover) is a pure pop bop. With its relatable lyrics, infectiously catchy melody and energising production, the song delivers on everything you’d want and need for a weekend anthem.

“I made ‘S.E.L.’ not to solve the problem, but to at least get you dancing through it.” 

Working alongside acclaimed producer Luke Villemur, Mackey looks set to become one of the West Coast’s newest prospects. Keep this kid on your radars!

Marcus Mackey

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New Music: PARCS

Representing some of the very best in emerging Welsh music are rising outfit PARCS, who have just unveiled an infectiously uplifting new single called ‘Wait!’

Through its perfected mix of indie, disco, pop and synth, this song is sure to put you in a good mood ahead of the weekend. Elaborating on the track, they explain:

“The song’s origins were a simple loop drum and synth loop recorded in a rehearsal room, soon becoming an idea that we couldn’t help but add to and construct a more elaborate groove. We wanted to explore a different angle of the PARCS sound while still maintaining that core dream-like, synth heavy character but also introducing some bigger and brighter sounds.”

If you’re a fan of Passion Pit, M83 or The XX, then chances are high that you’ll also enjoy this band’s sound.

With praise from national outlets like BBC Radio Wales already under their belt, this promising group of talented musicians look set to hit the mainstream very soon.


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New Music: Oranje Space

Track of the week. Hailing from California is LA-based newcomer Oranje Space, who has been steadily gaining traction in recent months thanks to his distinct fusions of neo-soul, alternative R&B and pop.

If you’ve yet to experience this artist’s work, then pressing play to ‘Lucy’ will serve as a perfect introduction. Melodic and emotive in tone, the song’s style of sound feels reminiscent to the works of modern-day icons like Frank Ocean and Dijon.

“This song is my outlook on what it feels to be loved unconditionally.”

With support from tastemaker heavyweights as respected as Early Rising and Fashionably Early already under his belt, we can expect to hear a lot more from this talented kid.

Oranje Space

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