New Music: Etaoin

The first thing that catches your attention when you play Etaoin’s new single is the sheer emotive energy coming through from that incredible voice. The Irish talent has really caused quite the stir since January this year,  having already garnered over 500,000 streams from just two singles.

‘I Dare You’ is a blazing act of self-assertion, written in response to someone who was talking badly about Etaoin behind her back.

“I was so furious, I had heard from my friends this boy had been badmouthing me for literally no reason. I was like: If you wanna do that, fine. I dare you, keep going, see what it does for you. A lot of my life especially as a female I have felt underestimated. It’s a general feeling of being talked down to, people not expecting you to win. In life it’s not always about who turns up for you, it’s about the times you turn up for yourself. Self-respect is often used in such a screwed up way, in this case I was respecting myself by cutting contact with this person. It’s me finding my voice again.”


New Music: Will Naisbitt

Will Naisbitt is a British talent who is still only 19-years old, yet has already mastered the craft of creating hugely catchy pop bops.

A song of contrasts, ‘Do It Again’ initially feels like a summery upbeat bop, but listen closely to the lyricism and you’ll hear Naisbitt dive deep into feelings of love, with missed opportunities and an urgent need for change.

Will Naisbitt

New Music: Gino Holroyd

British talent Gino Holroyd is the kind of artist who is seemingly unafraid of blurring the lines between genres; being the master of his own sound.

Hailing from a musical family (he’s the son of respected bassist Scott Allen, who has worked alongside legends like Prince, George Benson and Herbie Hancock), you can hear a sense of self-confidence shine through from Holroyd’s vocals on ‘Brazen’.

This song is an effortlessly finessed blend of hip hop and RnB, and is certain to garner Holroyd a new legion of fans ahead of his upcoming EP, which is out soon.

Gino Holroyd

New Music: Elena

A graduate from the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Canadian artist Elena has a wonderfully charming approach to pop that blends captivating and vivid lyricism into a bouncy melody with the release of ‘Models Have Feelings’.

“[The song] tells the story of an artist living in an insincere socialite scene. Her fiancé views her as a trophy wife and she’s in love with a model who doesn’t return the feeling. In the chorus she asks, ‘Have you ever met a model with feelings? Or a man who cares about how your heart’s beating? Nope.’”


New Music: Raven Artson

Los Angeles-Amsterdam based Raven Artson creates a sound that truly is like none other. In collaboration with Brazilian producer, DJ and singer Lyzza, ‘Breathing Secrets’ is the cosmic fusion of psychedelic rock and indie-RnB coming together, with subtle hints of old-school hip hop added to form a song that is just so refreshingly original.

“I’m interested in the coexistence of ideas; in allowing the process of winning and losing to connect.”

Raven Artson

New Music: Minimalist

One of the most exciting talents UK hip hop talents that I have come across this week, Minimalist’s work on ‘Solar Eclipse’ is dedicated to anyone that has struggled with lockdown.

Lo-fi beats provide a beautifully atmospheric soundscape for this East Londoner’s thoughtful and introspective lyricism.

“I wanna fly away a bit, try and get away from this, watch the moon, wait for these feelings to shift. But they are still right here. And I’m still right here” 


New Music: gcmayn

Infectiously catchy pop from an up-and-coming American talent. gcmayn is still only 20-years old, and yet has seemingly mastered the art of crafting a perfect bedroom-pop banger with the release of ‘summer18’. Get ready to have this song replay in your head all day!


New Music: Lars Martin

A hugely promising talent hailing from Sweden, Lars Martin’s approach to music-making is quite extraordinary.

Through ‘Plans’, the listener experiences a beautifully arranged blend of soul and RnB, twisted and shaped with an alternative edge to create something that feels nostalgic yet experimental and a little quirky.

 “I write songs about life, love and overcoming myself in order to be more myself.”

Lars Martin

New Music: Elyse Chapski

Hailing from Chicago, Elyse Chapski constructs finessed slices of emotive pop that feel instantly relatable and ever so wonderfully charming. On ‘running out’, Chapski says:

“The lyrics reflect the head games that you play with yourself when you love someone and it feels like they’re not as committed as you are.”

Elyse Chapski

New Music: knowuh

A captivating and unique sound from 17-year old American artist knowuh. This is an infectiously catchy slice of synth-pop that takes retro electronica elements and reinvigorates them for 2021. A very exciting talent to watch out for!


New Music: MICO

Canadian talent MICO has crafted a fantastic blend of acoustic indie and hyperpop with his release of ‘make me leave’.

Don’t be deceived by the first few moments of this track; it’s an infectious banger that will surprise and delight you in equal measure.

“This song’s concept started over a year ago, when my girlfriend and I were figuring out the details of our relationship. I was trying to tell her it doesn’t matter how long it takes to figure out how she feels; that I would be waiting and that no amount of time or uncertainty would make me leave.”


New Music: greek

A shimmering fusion of indie and pop, perfect for the warmer days and nights ahead of us.

Paired with distinctive vocals and lyricism that focuses on one’s need for bettering themselves, this is a song that is both charming and relatable in equal measures.


New Music: Cian Ducrot

With an already huge following on TikTok, London-based Irish talent Cian Ducrot’s style of pop marries meaningful lyricism with sweeping melodies that elicit a raw sense of emotion. It’s a sound that feels authentic, raw and deeply moving.

Cian Ducrot

New Music: Madison Paris

A delightfully finessed fusion of RnB, pop and jazz from British singer-songwriter Madison Paris.

“It’s about finally being able to experience someone and the excitement of that, but also reminding them they need to show you what you’ve been waiting for.” 

With support from BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra (where she was featured as track of the week), as well as performing at the BBC Music Fringe Festival, El Dorado Festival and The Ends Festival, Madison continues to reaffirm her sound as one to watch.

Taken from the upcoming debut EP ‘Blue Hour’ which is out soon.

Madison Paris

New Music: Isabel

A beautifully emotive yet understated alt-pop sound that incorporates soft hints of electronica. Emerging from Brighton in the UK, Isabel is a singer and songwriter who writes songs from the heart about love and female identity.

“A track written as an open letter to an unfaithful ex. As a girl, when you’re told you’re not good enough, time can just seem to pause. But pain moves you through, you realise your worth and you continue.”


New Music: Wednesday

A haunting and deeply intense piece of dark pop from a talent who is still just 16-years old.

Based in Appleton (Wisconsin), Wednesday has created a song with a very unique lyrical concept that adds all the more emotion to ‘James Dean’.

“I made this song a little over two months ago. It’s very dear to my heart – I started it the song while I was falling for someone and finished the song when I was falling out of love with that person.”


New Music: Stray Fossa

Hailing from Charlottesville in Virginia, Stray Fossa create a distinctive yet heartwarming blend of dream pop and indie rock.

All the music they produce is crafted in their attic, which adds a sense of charming intimacy to their sound. On ‘Diving Line’ the band explain:

“It was the peak of the first lockdown; we were tracking our album at home. Diving Line is the only track to explicitly reference the time period. We wanted to write about finding optimism in another person. The percussive coda was crafted collaboratively and gave the song its title.”

Taken from the debut LP ‘With You For Ever’ which is out on 9th April 2021.

Stray Fossa

New Music: RoseeLu

Danish talent RoseeLu has released one of the most stand-out releases from her homeland so far this year. ‘Playing Alone’ brings a luxuriously dark, sultry and intense approach to alt-pop. A hugely exciting prospect to watch out for!


New Music: Nonzus Magnus

Dublin-based producer, singer and songwriter Nonzus Magnus has formulated one of the dreamiest, most euphoric songs you’ll likely listen to all week.

‘Smile’ is a sublime fusion of alt-pop and hip hop; a sound that is so full of energy, colour and personality.

“We used a lot of live instruments which I have never used before in my own production which was a breath of fresh air. The track was recorded in late December, to be released in January. Due to an unfortunate passing of a relative, its release was delayed. Rather than going through the motions, I decided to input the energy and emotion into this track.”

Nonzus Magnus

New Music: HeartWerk

It might still be Monday, but there’s no good reason why I can’t share with you some of the most exciting tech-house that I have heard all day.

This new release from American talent HeartWerk features euphoric and effervescent beats, a delicious bass and rolling vocal samples that hark back to those iconic 90’s club sounds.