Sam Johnson – Trip On Gold

Sam Johnson


New Music: KERA

“Vitamin T’ is an exploration into connection, and the importance of acknowledging and understanding the change in some relationships. I was thinking about the people that are no longer in my life and how, at first, that separation caused immense pain and resentment in my heart. In time I began to recognize there were reasons for these changes; and now I’ve learned to view these experiences through a more compassionate lens.I wrote this song to honor my past relationships and to celebrate those that have given me the tools to identify the type of support I want to give and surround myself with.”


New Music: Pen Gutt

Cosmic Norwegian rap. I know it’s sounds odd, but if there’s one thing Norway’s music scene excels in is finessing the random into charming.

Pen Gutt

New Music: Limbo Chips

If you’ve ever had a bad day at work and felt pure fury… Then this is the song that will turn that into euphoria. It’s so damn infectious.

Limbo Chips