New Music: Tramp Stamps

A refreshingly bold outfit hailing from Nashville, Tramp Stamps are here to shake things up with an unfiltered new voice for today’s pop punk landscape.

Armed with awesome melodies and sharp productions, Tramp Stamps tackle societal ills like white-boy privilege and fragile masculinity through their lyricism in a uniquely fun and charming way.

“I’d love it if our music could give women space to be vulgar and silly and have a lot of fun with it, the same way that men have for so long. We want to remind everyone that being empowered doesn’t have to feel so heavy all the time – you can show that other, lighter side of yourself, and still say something important.” – Maino, Tramp Stamps

Tramp Stamps

Ylona Garcia – All That

Lockdown has resulted in many artists coming up with quarantine-related songs, but none have hit the disco spot quite like Ylona Garcia’s new banger, ‘All That‘.

The track fires up as Garcia celebrates leaving all the toxicity in her life behind, as she moves forward. It’s the perfect metaphor for what the world has gone through over the last year.

Ylona Garcia

New Music: CRITTER

While CRITTER seem like an unlikely duo (consisting of a folk performer and former rap producer), together they make some of the most enjoyable pop you’ll experience all week. It’s pure joy, and I for one can’t wait to see what they come up with next.


New Music: southernwade

Hailing from Dallas, southernwade is a singer, songwriter, and producer who crafts a subtle blend of dreamy indie and pop that is both mesmerising and totally charming in equal measure.

“I look forward to what the future holds, to growing every day – translating my passion, personal experiences, and emotions into art.”


Slow Corpse – It Feels Right

Indie-rock power couple Mitchell Winters and Brenton Clarke are back with an interesting release that feels raw and a little dark, yet refreshingly original.

And if you feel adventurous, the music video is well worth watching too.

Taken from the new album ‘Bite Your Tongue’ which is out now.

Slow Corpse

New Music: CASUAL

Amsterdam-based duo CASUAL take a modern-day approach towards blending 70’s disco and soul with late 90’s hip-hop bounce, to create a sound that feels fresh, playful and fun.

“‘Celebrate’ is best listened to while wearing your bathrobe and dancing around the house like Morgan Freeman drinking extraordinary red wine.”.


New Music: Avalan

A multi-talented artist hailing from Amsterdam, Avalan (Valentijn Hoogwerf) is a DJ, producer and singer.

While still only 24-years old, he performed ‘World We Know’ at the opening of last year’s AMF presents Top 100 DJs production to an audience of seven million viewers from across the world. It’s safe to say that if there’s one name to watch out for from the Netherlands, it’s Avalan.

“The song is about being stuck at home quarantining your way to a better future. Sad but hopeful, this song encourages people to fight themselves through the hard times of today and giving them hope for a better future.”


New Music: Debranch

A beautifully structured Scandinavian sound that fuses an essence of melancholy into the subtle beats of dreamy dance-pop.

‘dancing away from you’ gives the listener feelings of both introspection and euphoria in equal measures.

“The lyrical content consists of a relationship going back and forth as a never ending cycle.”


New Music: Tayong

Hailing from Luton, Tayong is shaping up to become one of the most promising British hip hop talents for 2021, with his flair for wordplay creating sharp lyrics over thoughtfully structured productions.


Thomston – JPA989

One of New Zealand’s most exciting talents returns with a rousing slice of RnB-pop that feels euphoric and nostalgic in a finessed and understated way.


New Music: Gimme Gimme

A sister and brother band hailing from Australia, Esther and Will grew up in a small country town in New South Wales before moving to Melbourne and Berlin respectively. They would write music together on their annual Christmas catch-ups, inspired by their 90s Rage addictions.

Wanting to hang out and play more, they booked shows all across Europe and toured up and down the East and West coasts of Australia, selling out venues and creating a buzz for their playful and loveable style of indie-pop.

“‘Fatal.Attraction’ is a track written about the holy trinity of tins, darts and breaking hearts. It brings to light love hate relationships, the desire for a puff after a sip and addictions of all kinds.”

Gimme Gimme

New Music: Orions Belte

A refreshingly original sound from Norwegian 3-piece outfit Orions Belte. Their trademark style of blending underground pop, psych, rhythmic instrumentation and world music creates a mysterious yet infectious mix of sounds which are totally mesmerising to experience.

“We feel like we have a really strong connection between us. That’s why we can write stuff on the fly and record whole songs in one take and use all the parts from all three of us.” – Blomstrøm, Orions Belte

Orions Belte

Jess Benko – Worst Enemy

Melodic indie-pop from Toronto with an emotive essence.

“I write songs to cope with my pain and maybe it can heal some of you.”

Jess Benko

New Music: Nordi Blu

A stunning combination of pop-rock and gospel with a hugely powerful vocal. ‘Eye Of The Hurricane’ is a song that is elevated yet deeply powerful; moving you with it’s epic grandness.

Having already achieved recognition in the past by advancing to the quarter-finals of The Voice of Germany, Nordi Blu is now on course for world domination through her unmistakably unique style of music making.

Nordi Blu

Noah Elliott – Never Know

A beautifully melodic RnB cut from Noah Elliott. This song is all about accepting the reality that in both life and love, there are some things that may never be resolved.

“The song is about the confusion and heartache that results from having no idea as to why someone left you.”

Noah Elliott

New Music: EXUM

Credit: Chelsea Dacosta

Track of the week. There’s truly no other song like ‘Dark Kept Secret’ out there right now. And that makes EXUM one of the most promising talents for me so far this year.

A luscious fusion of indie, pop and orchestral tones come together in the most majestic way you could imagine. It’s a sound that feels future-forward while still retaining an essence of timelessness.


Issey Cross – Boys Make Promises

First featured just a month ago, Issey Cross has since gained recognition from heavyweight tastemakers like DAZED, Wonderland, Notion, The Line Of Best Fit and more.

Now she’s back with another huge track; this is left-pop at it’s sharpest and finest. If there’s one name to get excited about this year, it’s Issey Cross.

Issey Cross

VAVO – Pieces (feat. Tyler Mann)

It might still be March, but the summer anthems for 2021 are already starting to shape up.

This new release from dance-pop duo VAVO has already gotten love on BBC Radio 1, KISS FM and Sirius XM within it’s first week. Be prepared to hear ‘Pieces’ a lot in the coming months!

VAVO | Tyler Mann

New Music: Maia Onda

A phenomenally talented Austrian newcomer, singer-songwriter Maia Onda introduces herself to the world with the release of ‘Dead Plants’.

Still only 19-years old, this talent possesses a captivating vocal tone with which she delivers vivid lyricism, over a production that carries hints of pop, soul and jazz.

Maia Onda