New Music: BJRNCK

Undoubtedly one of the most exciting RnB talents to emerge from California this year, BJRNCK’s approach to the genre is hugely charming.

With hints of nostalgia coming through, ‘Thug Cry’ is a sleek track that feels finessed and easy to vibe along with.


New Music: The KTNA

Can’t Stop It’ is the kind of song that speaks for itself. In short, this is British soul and RnB at it’s very finest.

Hailing from the musical mecca that is Manchester, The KTNA are twin sisters Hope and Milliana, who’s self-branded style of music goes by the name of ‘Cosmic Soul’. It’s a sound that’s effortlessly sleek and carries an essence of timelessness about it. On the song, they say:

“It’s our empowerment song. ‘Can’t Stop It’ is our realisation record that nothing can stop you, only yourself, keep going.”

Upcoming EP ‘Resurgence’ is out on 22nd September 2021 via AWAL.


New Music: Sam Woods

Emerging from LA, Sam Woods is an artist, writer and producer who’s crafting a charming fusion of indie-pop and alt-RnB from his very own bedroom.

The NYU alum seems to be a master at blending genres together to create uniquely captivating songs that are refreshingly original while still feeling relatable.

“‘FYI’ is a song about moving on, or the lack thereof. When a relationship ends and the other person seems to be doing totally fine while you’re maybe not so much. Yeah, it’s a big pity party, but it still sucks.”

Sam Woods

Siena Bella – Lights Out

Siena Bella returns with a melodic slice of pop that is stripped-back yet tremendously intriguing to listen along to.

‘Lights Out’ is one of those songs that creates a lot of impact with minimal production, further proving the quality of artistry from this Cleveland native.

Siena Bella

New Music: CARR

A refreshingly bold approach to punk-pop from LA-based newcomer CARR. With an anthemic melody and punchy vocals, ‘Loser’ is set to bring a whole new legion of fans to this promising artist.


New Music: Diana Goldberg

Undoubtedly, ‘BLACKBLUEYELLOW’ has to be one of my favourite electro-pop bops from July.

This fiery yet melancholic song comes courtesy of Munich-based artist and singer- songwriter Diana Goldberg, and dives into one’s struggles with achieving perfectionism.

“There’s always a lot of internal pressure that you have to be better and greater, and that limited a lot of my creativity. There’s a lot of metaphor to the song, from the colours representing the flashing cars to the colours that make up a bruise.”

Diana Goldberg

Steel Banglez – Blama (feat. Tion Wayne & Morrisson)

The UK’s most exciting rap powerhouses come together on ‘Blama’, which features on Steel Banglez’s debut album.

“I always vision what the fans would want to see and hear. I’m blessed to able to put together two of the hottest artists in the UK scene right now. With Tion Wayne’s rise into mainstream success and Morrisson one of the most explosive breakthrough artists of the year, ‘Blama’ is a statement piece of art.”

Steel Banglez | Tion Wayne | Morrisson

Quote via Complex UK

Varley – One Two Three

Indie-pop outfit Varley have constructed one of the most thought-provoking singles so far this week with ‘One Two Three’.

The song serves as a reflective response to the feelings of inadequacy that we experience in today’s culture, particularly from social media.

“We wrote ‘One Two Three’ about the unachievable beauty standard we are surrounded by in today’s society and how people’s lives online can seem so perfect and how it becomes harder not to compare yourself or your life to everything you see online. It talks about the feeling of being stuck in a big machine that’s trying to change us but also has the realisation that if we apologise for being ourselves then we will be lost forever.”


New Music: mandu

Hailing from Perth in Australia, vocalist and producer mandu crafts a timeless kind of sound that is immediately compelling and utterly captivating to listen to.


KAMILLE – Sad Party (feat. Ivorian Doll & Haile)

With the help of Ivorian Doll and Haile from RnB collective WSTRN, the British musical powerhouse that is KAMILLE releases a summer bop like none other in the form of ‘Sad Party’.

“’Sad Party’ is all about trying to get over the one you miss the most, and how difficult it can be to move on. Everyone around you seems so happy, and you feel like the only one heartbroken. ‘Friday night highs but I’m feeling low’ – I love this lyric so much! We’ve all been there – t-shirt, a bad movie & binging on ice cream on a Friday night because you’re just.. that.. sad.”

Just to remind you of how special this seasoned hitmaker is, KAMILLE is not only a singer, songwriter and producer but also a label, studio and publisher owner who was the first artist to ever be offered their own studio within London’s iconic Metropolis Studios.

KAMILLE | Ivorian Doll | Haile

Inner Wave – Take 3

Cult LA indie-rock outfit Inner Wave return with the spellbinding ‘Take 3’, taken from the forthcoming album ‘Apoptosis’.

The album’s release marks 15 years to the day since their first ever rehearsal as a group. Since then, their unique brand of psych-rock has garnered 100m Spotify streams and won acclaim from the likes of i-D, Pigeons & Planes and the LA Times.

‘Apoptosis’ drops on 30th September 2021.

Inner Wave

Watch: KING – Angel Dust

Danish-Cuban artist KING is back with a new single that showcases Scandinavian music at it’s finest; this is a vital and urgent song that hits hard and leaves a lasting impression.

“On ‘Angel Dust’ I felt like doing something very sensual – as opposed to sexual – in my artistic visual identity. So I just pushed it as one long foreplay with beautiful movements. We could be naked doing this stuff and it would still be sensual and not sexual: that was the mission with this visual.” 


Pretty Sister – Bad Things

With his distinctly unique brand of neo-soul pop, West Coast-soul funk maestro Pretty Sister is back today with new single ‘Bad Things’.

Immediately infectious, the track weaves an intimate and refreshingly honest story through Pretty Sister’s distinctive vocal tones and production style. 

Taken from the debut album ‘Catalina’ which is out now.

Pretty Sister

Tablefox – Burning Bridges

New Zealand alt-rock outfit Tablefox create a kind of sound makes instant impact; this is punk-pop at it’s wildest and most fun.

Burning Bridges’ is an anthemic bop that opens their forthcoming album ‘Battles’, and signifies everything about the last few years for the band.

‘Battles’ is out on 30th July 2021.


New Music: Gianni Mae

Caribbean artist Gianni Mae has gained significant traction in a very short space of time, having already achieved a seal of approval from the likes of Vogue and Complex.

This is a talent who delivers a sense of self-confidence and empowerment with each release, while also keeping the values of self-expression and discovery at the heart of her song writing.

“’Love Me Long’ tells the story of a woman who will not be played or fooled by no man in a relationship. She shows vulnerability and softness because she does want to be connected despite the lows and highs. But the time has come to restore thoughts and intentions and prepare for new beginnings and ultimately letting go.”

Gianni Mae

Carter Ace – The One and Lonely

Track of the week. The big challenge in creating conceptual pieces of music is that the chances of mainstream audiences connecting with your work is somewhat limited.

I can confidently say that this is not the case with Carter Ace’s ‘The One and Lonely’. Truly a sublime composition, the Cameroonian-American singer, songwriter, rapper and artist has seamlessly blended RnB with hip-hop, soul and even space funk to create one of the most impressive songs that I have experienced so far this month.

“This track is about creating art in the void of loneliness, intensified during the last year with the forced isolation of the pandemic and navigating my growing success. In this void, the pressure to create has turned into a distracting white noise as I recognise that I am truly ‘the One and Lonely.’ As the track morphs static noise into inspirational melodies, I realise ‘I don’t know my purpose, so I might as well enjoy the ride.’”

Carter Ace


UK talent WEIRDO returns today with a brooding, dark and eluding song in the form of ‘TRANSCENDENCE’. A blend of alt-RnB and indietronica, this is a sound that feels intense, sultry and emotive.

Taken from the upcoming mixtape/ LP ‘A MIXTAPE FOR HEARTBREAK’ which can be pre-ordered here.


Kianja – I Appreciate You

London-based talent Kianja returns with a Latin and Dancehall influenced RnB track that is sure to move both your heart and hips!

‘I Appreciate You’ was written as an ode to every partner out there – acknowledging the support they have given in their relationships, especially after the pandemic.


New Music: Noa Kirel

To say that Noa Kirel is still a ‘new music’ artist is a little misleading, I must admit. She’s already achieved megastar status in her home nation of Israel, although it’s the release of ‘Please Don’t Suck’ which will truly turn this artist into a global name. A perfect blend of disco and pop, this is a joyous track that is sure to be on many people’s summer playlists.

Noa Kirel

Coleton Rubin – Zebra

LA talent Coleton Rubin returns with a sublime piece of melodic indie-pop, featuring that distinctive voice and captivating lyricism.

Coleton Rubin