New Music: Jamie Lane

‘This project was fairly challenging as I tried to find the right balance between uplifting music that also felt consistent with the more sombre themes of the writing / lyrics. This was simultaneously an exercise in pushing my sound into less familiar territories, partly to reinforce the themes of uncertainty and precariousness that’s reflected in the core writing.”

Jamie Lane


New Music: ok, tyler

“After I realised I was in a very dark state of mind, I finally found enough courage to go to a therapist. During the second session she told me I have a minor form of depression. I felt so much relief, because during my entire life I was always told to just “be happy” when I was showing signs of depression. We can no longer tell people who are struggling to “be happy” or “don’t worry” as if emotions can be controlled like a light switch.”

Ok, tyler – the nice guy who does music stuff

New Music: Leia

From the same powerhouse behind the likes of Zara Larsson, this talent is sure to evolve into something spectacular.