Asbjørn – STB x Boyfriend

Photo / Johanna Hvidtved

Consistently delivering some of the most interesting sounds to come out of Denmark, Asbjørn never fails to impress with his releases.

New single ‘STB x Boyfriend’ is a masterclass in pop – with a simple yet sleek production, an infectiously memorable melody, engaging lyrics and a fabulous vocal performance; this is one song worthy of being added to your playlists for the weekend.

“By the end of 2018, I was living in Los Angeles for a little while, wrapping up the album in a cute house in Echo Park, where roosters woke me up every morning at 4 AM. I was falling for a guy who lived there, and one night I dreamt of him. In the dream our love affair was soundtracked by ‘STB x Boyfriend’, but in this around-the-bonfire sing-a-long version. When the roosters woke me up, I grabbed a guitar and sat down on the front porch to rewrite the lyrics. The song found a different nerve and rawness with the rusty guitar, that somehow fit the rather naive chorus, about a relationship that was bound to end before it even began.”

Taken from new album ‘Boyology’ which is out now.


WIINSTON – blood moon

Track of the week. Danish outfit WIINSTON has been on my radar for a good few years – and yet still they continue to surprise and impress with their releases.

‘blood moon’ is an immediately arresting piece of melodic alt-R&B that feels richly atmospheric and beautifully raw in tone.

WIINSTON is made up of producer/songwriter Alfred Thomas and singer/songwriter Daniel Richards; two longtime friends who write, record, and produce most of their music in Thomas’s one-room apartment. The duo rarely invite other musicians into their sessions – favouring one-on-one collaboration instead.


Alexander Grandjean + ALEA – Kiss

Consistently delivering some of the finest indie-soul to emerge from Denmark, Alexander Grandjean returns with gorgeous new single ‘Kiss’. This is a sound that is dreamy, highly finessed and utterly sublime to experience.

Featuring vocals from fellow Danish artist ALEA, the song is taken from the new album ‘Coma’, which comes out in March.

This record represents

the current collective state of mind

This record

honors us, the people

trying but failing

to continue with the old normal

in a world that is in a coma

Alexander Grandjean | ALEA

New Music: Thyra Hilden

Photo / Jakob Valling

Danish visual artist Thyra Hilden is no stranger to the art world – with works already featured by media heavyweights like the BBC, CNN and Reuters.

During the pandemic of last year, Thyra also realised a passion for music-making, and so today sees the launch of new single ‘Touch’.

Proving herself as a gifted multi-faceted creative, the track has already been picked up by Danish Radio’s talent competition KarriereKannonen.

With its energetic, raw and youthful take on alt-pop, ‘Touch’ feels current and relevant while still maintaining a strong sense of individualism. On the song, Thyra says:

“Love and loneliness are basically chemical processes in the brain and body, and this knowledge creates a slightly absurd twist to joy, longing and devotion.”

Thyra Hilden

New Music: Stella

Copenhagen-based Scandinavian talent Stella creates a style of indie-pop that is so refreshingly unique in tone, all the while still feeling relatable and easy to connect with.


Kamma – Good Daughter

She tried her best to be

Some one you could be proud of

You left her in the dark

Made her try so hard

I was once your good daughter

But I forgot to what you taught her


New Music: Skøien

Emerging newcomer Skøien is a Swedish born, Danish-Norwegian artist who is rapidly gaining traction thanks to an impressive fusion of dark pop and alt-R&B.

This is a sound that is sleek, well-constructed and thoughtfully produced – making Skøien one Scandinavian talent to watch out for in 2022.


Elias Boussnina – Been Fru

Critically acclaimed artist Elias Boussnina has been at the forefront of the Danish R&B-pop movement for quite some time. This 27-year old Copenhagen talent returns today with ‘Been Fru’, which is taken from his new album ‘Intervention’.

“I’ve always tended to become really easily addicted to things – and without realising it myself. Addictions are very exciting to write about and pretty quickly I knew it was gonna be a recurring theme for the album. ‘Been Fru’ is pure thought-frenzy. It’s a look back on all the things that used to feel just right but doesn’t anymore –about finding your path in life.”

‘Intervention’ is out now.

Elias Boussnina

Ida Laurberg – Singing Mars A Lullaby

Every release from Scandinavian artist Ida Laurberg to date has been nothing short of breathtaking.

With stunning vocals delivering intelligent lyricism over a dark and melancholic production, ‘Singing Mars A Lullaby’ continues to prove that Ida could well be one of the Nordic region’s biggest future exports.

“On my latest single ‘Personal Letters’ I started working with a more 00’s pop/ rock/ punk sound than what I’ve done before. This was how ‘Singing Mars A Lullaby’ came to life. I usually write about personal experiences such as heartbreaks, bad friendships, and stuff like that. Now I felt like writing about something larger than that from the outside world, but which still affects me somehow. ‘Singing Mars a Lullaby’ is about billionaire’s strange wishes of traveling into space instead of spending their enormous amount of assets on helping our world. About how it shouldn’t be possible to possess that amount of money. And mostly, it’s about how these types of people are probably going to end up feeling pretty lonely at some point.”

Ida Laurberg

Lydmor – The Last Call

After recently performing a sold-out gig at the iconic VEGA in Copenhagen, critically-acclaimed Danish artist Lydmor returns today with beautifully emotive new single The Last Call’.

The first new release since her ‘Capacity’ album, this is a song that builds from an atmospheric beginning into waves of blissful synth-euphoria.

“This is a song about realising the fact that love is right there in front of you and doesn’t have to be so damn complicated. I personally love how the tune mingles with the lyric. Especially the part where the morning tide rolls your body to the shore, and you figure out that you’re already exactly where you should be. I’ve added so much love and tenderness to this little cocktail of a song that the glass almost runs over and it becomes a tide of its own.”


New Music: Marianna Winter

American-Faroese emerging starlet Marianna Winter crafts a style of soul pop which is nothing short being completely mesmerising.

Born and partly raised between Tórshavn and California, Winter is one of the few female artists currently pioneering the lo-fi underground scene in the Faroe Islands.

“I tend to spend a lot of time making sure that the people around me are good, but sometimes I just wish I could be someone who doesn’t feel the need to answer every text within 2 seconds or fix every problem, and just say ‘fuck it, I’m busy’. You know? ‘BMM’ (Busy Making Money) is an anthem to anyone who secretly pretends to be a ruthless, champagne-popping, cut-throat, money-making bitch.”

Marianna Winter

New Music: GR8SCOTT

Emerging from Copenhagen is 19-year old artist GR8SCOTT. This talented musician and self-taught producer has created one of the most charming and eccentric alt-pop bops of the week in the form of new single ‘Won’t Be Drinking’.

“I’m not a big party guy but I love to hang out with people and just have fun, and like everyone there is more than welcome to get drunk. I just don’t need it to have a good time, and I would hate not to be in control of myself so yeah, no from me. I just wanna have a good time.”


New Music: Lea Kampmann

Track of the week. Showcasing a superb example of Nordic alt-pop, Lea Kampmann’s ‘In Circles’ is a slow burning and glistening masterpiece that blends house-inspired synths with thoughtfully constructed percussions.

The song was inspired by the need to go out and grab life, instead of waiting for it to pass by.

“The most important thing to me as an artist is to make pieces of art that people can see themselves in.”

Lea Kampmann

Gustaf – on n off

Emerging Danish talent Gustaf returns with a charming and melancholic fusion of indie pop and synth. ‘on n off’ was mixed and mastered by Gustaf himself, along with fellow artist Daniel Joy who helped write and produce the song.

“It’s about having an on and off relationship with someone, and although you know that it’s probably for the best if you would let it go it’s difficult when you have the same friend group or go to the same school – and all your friends keep saying: ‘they are on and off’, like: ‘they can’t figure it out’. It is that feeling of being at a party, only aware of how you look, or what they were doing, what signals they are giving, but then at one point you might encounter the inevitable realisation: we’re running out of lies, this can’t go on, and then it just goes in circles.”

Gustaf was recently featured on one of Germany’s largest radio stations, bigFM as a newcomer to watch. With traction picking up across Europe, this may well be one of Denmark’s next pop exports.


EYJAA – The Wrecking Crew

Danish-Icelandic sister duo EYJAA (Sara and Brynja) return today with wonderfully moving new pop single ‘The Wrecking Crew’.

With subtle hints of folk and country added for good measure, this song is sure to touch a few hearts across Europe over the coming weeks.

“Going through life we all experience challenges that we tend to overthink or simply misunderstand within ourselves. ‘The Wrecking Crew’ is about how you are never alone with your thoughts. Really, it can be just as beautiful to be sad as it can to be happy. It’s just human emotions, and they are not unknown to any of us.”


New Music: DAYYANI

Danish-Iranian talent DAYYANI creates a kind of RnB-pop that feels fresh, uplifting and so easy to vibe along to.

This is a confident and bold sound that feels inviting to any listener, thanks to it’s catchy melodies and sleek productions, as well as those distinctive vocals.


Elias Boussnina – Heroine

I’ve lost count of the number of times that I have featured Danish talent Elias Boussnina over the years.

Consistently serving some of the finest cuts of RnB-pop from the Nordic nation, it’s no surprise that his new singleHeroine’ is once again, a bop.

Written and produced with Danish London-based musician and producer Mont Jake, the song looks at love as an addiction.

“The song is about being addicted to another person – about the sickening feeling you can get when you love someone more than you love yourself or anything else. Is love really that much different from being addicted to drugs? To me, love is a fix we praise. But in a worst-case scenario, love can push a person all the way out there, where you completely lose yourself which ultimately can destroy who you are and become the end of everything.”

Elias Boussnina

New Music: AMEA

Hailing from Denmark, AMEA is a songwriter and artist who is crafting sleek pop numbers that have hit potential written all over them.

Catchy new single ‘Billion’ is inspired by 90’s RnB-pop, both sonically and visually, with the overall message being that there is ‘no such thing as too much’.

“‘Billion’ is your opportunity to dance on the table in stilettos and a sparkling dress while pouring champagne all over your friends and loudly proclaiming that you’ll handle the bill even though you’re aware that your money is probably better spent on something else.”


mags – as long as we’re both breathing

Danish pop starlet mags returns today with another hi-energy bop in the shape of catchy new single ‘as long as we’re both breathing’.

This powerful love anthem tells of a heartfelt story of love and hate, while also carrying one of the most explosive choruses to come out of the Nordic pop scene this year!

“I wrote ’as long as we’re both breathing’ as my modern take on the famous words ’till death do us part’. It’s about the declaration of love – to stay together for better or worse. ‘as long as we’re both breathing’ is a song that emphasises the importance of communication and understanding as the keys to balance between love and hate in any close relation –two very different feelings that are often very close to each other on the emotional spectrum.”


Daniel Joy – GONE GIRL

Fusing elements of that distinctive pop-rock sound from the 2000’s with a more modern twist, Danish artist Daniel Joy returns today with a new release in the form of ‘Gone Girl’.

A song about loving someone but not being able to be with them, the track carries a charming sense of melancholy and is sure to stay in your head all day.

“The song came out of nowhere. I must have spent a month trying to write about how I felt, and suddenly the chorus popped into my head. The song is about me not understanding why it’s not enough to love someone, about having nightmares where she’s found someone new and lastly a promise to my naive hopeless romantic self, that if you love someone enough, you can get back to them, but first you have to accept that they are gone.”

Daniel Joy