Agnes – 24 Hours

Track of the week. To put it simply, Agnes is one of Swedish pop’s all time icons. Since her debut back in 2005, this phenomenal artist has been releasing hits that have not only become a part her country’s music history, but also achieving worldwide attention.

Now she’s back with a banger of a track that flirts with the classic disco concept, all the while injecting a heady dose of the future into it. It’s an exhilarating song that has been on loop all day.


Agnes – Fingers Crossed

An absolute queen and institution as far as Swedish pop is concerned, Agnes has created a comeback recently that has bravely flirted with a multitude of genres and styles.

Refreshingly so too, since it’s made each of her new roster of singles a pleasurably unpredictable surprise up until their release date.

The new single reflects some of her previous disco-pop heritage, while bringing the genre well into the future. A total delight and some of Sweden’s finest pop.


John Dahlbäck & Agnes

John Dahlbäck

Two Swedish powerhouses in the shape of John Dahlbäck and Agnes collaborate to make a stomper of a club track.

First Listen: Agnes ‘All I Want Is You’

Swedish pop royalty Agnes has a new single out now, with fourth studio album ”Veritas” out on September 5th.

First Watch: Agnes ‘One Last Time’

I haven’t blogged much about Swedish pop superstar Agnes before because I felt everyone else was writing so much about her that there wasn’t any point for another person to start doing it. But when I heard her new single, One Last Time, I just HAD to feature this- it’s so beautiful and is such a departure from her old, usual style.

The track is written by Agnes, Ana Diaz and Jonas Quant. The single is produced by Jonas Quant (Hurts, Leona Lewis, Kylie Minogue, No Doubt). The video is directed by Amir Chamdin (The Cardigans).