Asbjørn – STB x Boyfriend

Photo / Johanna Hvidtved

Consistently delivering some of the most interesting sounds to come out of Denmark, Asbjørn never fails to impress with his releases.

New single ‘STB x Boyfriend’ is a masterclass in pop – with a simple yet sleek production, an infectiously memorable melody, engaging lyrics and a fabulous vocal performance; this is one song worthy of being added to your playlists for the weekend.

“By the end of 2018, I was living in Los Angeles for a little while, wrapping up the album in a cute house in Echo Park, where roosters woke me up every morning at 4 AM. I was falling for a guy who lived there, and one night I dreamt of him. In the dream our love affair was soundtracked by ‘STB x Boyfriend’, but in this around-the-bonfire sing-a-long version. When the roosters woke me up, I grabbed a guitar and sat down on the front porch to rewrite the lyrics. The song found a different nerve and rawness with the rusty guitar, that somehow fit the rather naive chorus, about a relationship that was bound to end before it even began.”

Taken from new album ‘Boyology’ which is out now.


Asbjørn – Remember My Name

Denmark’s Asbjørn has been a pop stable in Scandinavia ever since his debut back in 2012. Consistently pushing the boundaries of the genre, this talent never ceases to surprise me with his releases.

‘Remember My Name’ is the new single, and if you have yet to experience this talent, then you certainly will after pressing play.

“I am generally pretty bad at being sad. And in my music I often contrast sadness with high energy, so my body can dance it out, rather than cry. I wrote ‘Remember My Name’ on top of the beatbox beat, and tapping into my frustration in the chorus felt very empowering at the time. The lyrics have a double meaning to me;  ‘you’re gonna remember my name, the boy that got away’ could be sung to an old  lover, yes. But it could also be directed towards the people who don’t believe in you.”