BERWYN – Bulletproof

Photo / Jonathan Gift

BERWYN is no stranger to these Alfitude pages, thanks to his ever-impressive run of singles that showcase the very best in emerging UK-based musical talent.

New single ‘Bulletproof’ is yet another example of BERWYN’s exceptional songwriting skills, with its beautifully melodic production and refreshingly honest lyricism.

“Bulletproof is less about me and more about the people around me. It’s another part of my personality. I’m willing to do anything for the people around me, it kinda revolves around that. It also highlights the dangers of my job and exposes me as an individual with troubles. Relationships are a give and take, have my back and I’ll have yours because I’m not safe, I will need help and I’ll be more than willing to return the favour.”

Acclaimed by tastemakers and news outlets all across the world, BERWYN currently commands more than 380k monthly listeners on Spotify. You can catch the artist on tour right now, with shows in Bristol, Cardiff, Brighton and London still to go. Tickets can be found here.


Pa Salieu wins the BBC Sound of 2021

Pa Salieu has been announced as the winner for 2021’s edition of BBC’s Sound of poll; one of the most reliable predictors of emerging talent to hit the mainstream over the coming year.

The shortlist also featured:

2nd place – Holly Humberstone – first featured on Alfitude in August 2020

3rd place – Berwyn – first featured August 2020

4th place – Greentea Peng – first featured August 2018

5th place – Griff – first featured July 2019

BBC Sound of 2021 poll

BBC Sound of 2021 announced

What a year it’s been… But through all the horrible peaks that everyone’s experienced, the output of music has remained as strong as ever.

With that said, this year’s long list for BBC Sound of 2021 is a solid reflection of just how much talent has emerged recently.

As usual, I’m glad to see that I managed to catch some of the artists while they were still emerging…

The winner will be announced in January 2021 on BBC News and BBC Radio 1.


Track of the week. A beautifully sincere and soulful release from BERWYN. The song feels dreamy, atmospheric and just so sublime to experience.


New Music: BERWYN

A London based talent who excels at being both a rapper and a singer songwriter. The sound is minimal and sharp, while still feeling sincere and emotive.