bülow – Revolver

Just in time for the weekend, bülow’s back! The alt-pop superstar returns today with her empowering new release ‘Revolver’. This is a song that is sure to fire you up enough to take on the world – whatever comes your way.

“I want people to feel empowered listening to it. You are as powerful as you want to be. I don’t wake up every day feeling my most confident self. No one does. I struggle with finding my footing and falling into a state of confidence every day where what people say or do doesn’t affect me. It’s something I work on every day, but I know that when I am that and I believe it, I’m not afraid of f**king up/ falling on my face. That’s how I want to live. And that’s what I want people to feel when listening to ‘Revolver’.”


Watch: bülow – First Place

Nearing half a billion (yes – billion) cumulative streams to date, bülow’s rise to stardom has been pretty meteoric to say the least.

And it’s with good reason; her uniquely original style of music making infuses alt-pop with clever observations, personal confessions and a boundary-breaking spirit.

The songs sound future-forward yet relatable, and the melodies are easy to listen to and connect with. That winning formula continues with the release of her new single, ‘First Place’.

“It’s about somebody who wants your attention but isn’t very genuine. Since we weren’t friends, why do you care today? I definitely went through this experience with a couple of people who only reached out when it was convenient for them. Quarantine was a big light to see who was actually in my life for the right reasons and who care about what was going on. Sonically, it pushed me in the direction I’m headed.”