Top 10 most popular artists this month

Thought it would be interesting to show you the top ten most googled artsists who came to this site in the last month.

  1. stooshe
  2. grace jones
  3. lawson band
  4. tim schou
  5. florrie arnold
  6. example
  7. cher lloyd
  8. aura dione
  9. jamiroquai
  10. ayah marar

When pop gets desperate (Cher Lloyd)

This is what Shepherds Bush (West London) looks like right now. I think Sony Music’s probably spent a fortune amassing to an amount that could get South Sudan out of financial ruin on Cher Lloyd, in Shepherds Bush alone. And seeing her intolerable lyrics plastered on every available piece of street furniture doesn’t make me like her any more. But here I am, blogging about her, spending time out of my life to moan about her.

I never moan on here. I know she’s just a kid, and if I’m totally honest, I sort of can’t get the song out of my head, but this attitude she carries around seriously puts me off. Cher, you’re fucking with my head. Stop it. You’re a hater, just let it go.

First Listen: Cher Lloyd ‘Swagger Jagger’

Let’s be clear about this – I despised Cher Lloyd from the start on the X Factor. I found her cocky, ridiculously tacky and annoying. That said, I like this track. I know it samples ‘Oh My Darling Clementine‘ and forces in just about every current pop genre in a couple of short minutes but its a hot mess I’m enjoying listening to. I’m sorry. Listen to it here.

Update: Little brat’s pissed off the song’s leaked, ‘”I’ve never been this upset ever!” Lloyd tweeted following the leak. “I worked so hard, and people wanna ruin it for me, if you wanted to hurt me you’ve done a great job (sic).

“please dont do this to me. i wish i was at home with my family, i’ve been through enough this year. me and my brats are stronger than this!! come onnnn! lets get em !!!!”

I’d be a bit glad to know people can’t wait to hear my music but whatever…