First Watch: Lawson ‘Juliet’

lawson juliet

Lawson’s been one of those bands that have just sky rocketed. In three days this video’s racked up over half a million views. And not without reason – this is one catchy bit of pop rock. Out October 13th.

Top 10 most popular artists this month

Thought it would be interesting to show you the top ten most googled artsists who came to this site in the last month.

  1. stooshe
  2. grace jones
  3. lawson band
  4. tim schou
  5. florrie arnold
  6. example
  7. cher lloyd
  8. aura dione
  9. jamiroquai
  10. ayah marar

New Music: Lawson

There’s big label backing from Polydor for this boyband- their selling point is that they write their own stuff. It’ll be interesting to see how well they do in 2012. Check out here.