Watch: Erik Hassle – Missing You

Erik Hassle

Bondax – Love Me Blind (feat. Erik Hassle)


Bondax | Erik Hassle

Listen: Erik Hassle – Smaller

erik hassle

Bittersweet release from Erik Hassle.

Listen: Bondax ‘Temptation’ (feat. Erik Hassle)


Soulful vocals from Erik Hassle and slow, industrial beats from Bondax.

Listen: Erik Hassle ‘Natural Born Lovers’

erik hassle

Erik Hassle

Listen: Erik Hassle ‘No Words’ (Copy Paste Soul’s 2Swords Remix)

erik hassle

Erik Hassle | Copy Paste Soul

Vario Volinski feat. Erik Hassle – Falling in Love Again

erik hassle

Vario VolinskiErik Hassle

Listen: Erik Hassle ‘No Words’

erik hassle

One Swede I’ll never lose my soft spot for, Erik Hassle returns again with a new track.

Listen: Erik Hassle ‘Innocence Lost’ (feat. Tinashe)

erik hassle

Erik keeps the tracks coming, stronger by the week.

Listen: Erik Hassle ‘Ready For You’

erik hassle

My favourite new track from this new batch of songs by Erik Hassle, this is a masterful piece of bitter pop.

Listen: Erik Hassle ‘Pathetic’

erik hassle pathetic

New track from Erik Hassle! It’s catchy.

Shakira + Rihanna

shakira rihanna cover

This is out of nature for me (posting two huge pop stars like this), but the track was co-written by Kid Harpoon and Alfitude favourite, Erik Hassle. It’s great. Erik, do a version… please…

Erik Hassle feat. Elliphant ‘Talk About It (Sikow Remix)’

Erik Hassle feat. Elliphant - %22Talk About It(Sikow Remix)%22

An epic reworking by Elliphant of Erik Hassle’s comeback single.

Erik Hassle – Talk About It (ASTR Remix)

erik hassle

This dark remix by ASTR for Erik Hassle’s new track is so broody it just makes you shiver a little.

Watch: Erik Hassle ‘Talk About It’

erik hassle

Slick visuals for a slick track from Swedish pop throb Erik Hassle.

First Listen: Erik Hassle ‘Talk About It’

erik hassle

I’ve made no secret of how much I admire Erik Hassle. Despite a less than successful launch in the UK a few years back, he’s still going strong. This is a new track from his upcoming second album.