Watch: Fickle Friends – Won’t Hurt Myself

If memory serves me right, I think I first featured Fickle Friends back in 2014. And yet they still continue to surprise me seven years on.

The forward-thinking electro and indie-pop quartet have just released new EP ‘Weird Years: Season 2’ (out now), and to mark the occasion they’ve also unveiled some fabulous visuals for ‘Won’t Hurt Myself’.

“‘Won’t Hurt Myself’ reflects on when relationships end and you can’t help but criticise every decision you made. Did I jump in too fast? Why did I let myself get hurt for so long? Your heart aches so much you can’t feel anything else. You are numb.” – Natti, Fickle Friends

Fickle Friends

Fickle Friends – Pretty Great

Power pop from one of the UK’s hardest working DIY bands.

“’Pretty Great came’ about after a long day of writing, starting ideas and not really loving anything we came up with. We called it quits around 9 and opened some wine and listened to a couple Sheryl Crow songs. Jack just kinda started jamming on the guitar and the words and melody literally fell out of my mouth. We wrote the song in like…an hour and didn’t know if it was a joke or actually the best thing ever…in the morning we decided it was the latter.”


Fickle Friends

Watch: Fickle Friends ‘Could Be Wrong’

fickle friends

Fickle Friends will release their debut EP ‘Velvet’ on 25th May and be following it up with a UK tour as well as playing BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Norwich.