Watch: Gnučči – Ultimate Syndrome (feat Tami T)


Random as always, but I quite love this song…

Watch: Gnučči ‘A.Rab’


Gnucci’s back with some more sounds and visuals that will continue to confuse and amuse you.


Watch: Gnučči ‘Finders Keepers’


On paper, this new track from Gnučči isn’t the sort of sound I would enjoy, but I do. I think it’s because you just can’t tell if this lady is serious or joking with herself most of the time, and that’s a special attraction!

Mash up

This track from Mash Up International featuring three new Swedish heavyweights: Gnucci, Vaz and Timbuktu,  is ridiculous and genius in equal measures.

New Music: Elliphant

I know very, very little about this one but I’m sure we’ll be hearing a whole load more from her. It seems to be part of this emergence of dirty, industrial electro pop fronted by badass ladies coming out of Sweden of late that’s been getting a lot of followers (see Gnucci or Alina Devecerski). Check out here.

Gnučči finally releases debut EP!

One of my favourite Swedish ladies of recent months, Gnučči has finally released a debut EP. I know it’s not the easiest thing to get in to, but once you give it a couple of listens it turns out to be pure genius. Is it MIA? Is it Nicki Minage? No. Gnučči’s here…

Gnučči has a new song…

So this new Swedish ball of madness known as Gnučči is back with a new song. This is very love/hate, and I’m not sure what I think but I can’t stop listening to it, so I guess I’m a fan.