First Listen: Alina Devecerski ‘Gå För Långt’

Alina Devecerski

One of my favourite Swedish electropop ladies to emerge from last year comes back with a new track that is just as catchy as everything else she does.

First Watch: Alina Devecerski ‘Jag svär’


This lady has become pop royalty in Scandinavia within a matter of months. This follow-up single isn’t as catchy as her debut, but still packs a punch.

Alina Devecerski

I love Alina Devecerski– she’s got a massive following all across Scandinavia in large thanks to this stomper of a track, but she’s kept her records sharp since. Her album comes out November 19th.

New Music: Elliphant

I know very, very little about this one but I’m sure we’ll be hearing a whole load more from her. It seems to be part of this emergence of dirty, industrial electro pop fronted by badass ladies coming out of Sweden of late that’s been getting a lot of followers (see Gnucci or Alina Devecerski). Check out here.

Watch out Yelle… Alina’s gonna get you…

This is Alina Devecerski– I’ve mentioned her before a small while ago because this track is ridiculously infectious. Anyway, now there’s a video to match it. It’s in Swedish, but that just makes it so much cooler.