Watch: Greta Isaac – PAYRI$E

Greta Isaac seems to do no wrong with her latest string of releases. Continuously pushing the boundaries of electro-pop, this Welsh-born and raised artist is back today in epic fashion through the unveiling of her new music video for ‘PAYRI$E’.

“We had a ton of fun on the set for the video for ‘PAYRI$E’. I knew I wanted there to be a push and pull between me and the viewer – a sort of ‘come hither’ attitude one minute, then some resistance, and then complete desperation the next.

It reminds me a lot of my teenage angst of wanting so desperately to be liked by my peers or some random dude I fancied in school, and I wanted the video to show the mania and unpredictability of trying to find ways of getting someone’s attention. The quick switches between showing disinterest and clinging on for dear life.”

So far this year, Isaac has been named as a ‘breaking act’ by the Sunday Times Culture, as well as garnering support from the likes of Clash, PAPER, The Line of Best Fit, Polyester Zine, Notion and BBC Radio 1.

Taken from the forthcoming EP ‘I Think You’d Hate It Here’, due out in May 2022.

Greta Isaac

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Watch: Greta Isaac – NUH UH

Greta Isaac serves us all with an almighty bop through her latest release ‘NUH UH’. Thanks to an electric blend of pop, folk and alternative rock, this artist continues to win praise from the likes of BBC Radio 1, PAPER, NOTION, The Line of Best Fit and Wonderland, making her one of the most exciting recent prospects to emerge from Wales. Speaking of the visual counterparts to the song, Greta said: 

“The artwork for me sort of mirrors the transformation that happens when that spark is ignited. Me and Suzie Walsh, my stylist and creative director, wanted to create an image that felt like a primal alluring shiny object, to entice someone or something. I’m wearing a dress made entirely of emergency foil blankets by designer Gloria Jane Royer. It reminded me of how a magpie forages for shiny objects that could feel quite mundane to us, but are captivating through the eyes of someone seeking it.” 

Forthcoming EP ‘I Think You’d Hate It Here’ will be released on 1st April 2022.

Greta Isaac

Greta Isaac – How To Be A Woman

Welsh talent Greta Isaac’s ‘How To Be A Woman’ approaches society’s perceptions of women and tackles them head-on with powerful lyrics and one hell of a punchy production.

Taken from the new EP ‘Pessimist’ which is out now.

Greta Isaac

Greta Isaac – Pessimist

Punchy, fun, playful and textured indie tones from Greta Isaac.

“I wrote this song about seeing the contrast between having this very childlike carefree mindset and that suddenly switching into this negative, exhausted state of mind. This song is a perspective song, an ode to myself.”

The forthcoming EP ‘Pessimist’ is due out in spring 2021.

Greta Isaac