New Music: Chaz Cardigan

A punchy mix of pop and rock from a talent who grew up being inspired by Prince and Stevie Wonder’s tendencies of producing their own music. At the age of just ten he purchased his first recorder, and continued to evolve his style through the years into the sound that you hear in today’s release.

Chaz Cardigan

Watch: Jamie Lidell – Building A Beginning



26/10              Brighton, Concorde 2
27/10              London, KOKO
28/10              Manchester, Gorilla

Jamie Lidell

Listen: Big Data ‘Clean’ (feat. Jamie Lidell)

big data band

Track of the week. This is a good partnership – Big Data always pushes for a fresh take on electro and Jamie Lidell’s voice is just so good.

First Watch: Jamie Lidell ‘You Naked’

jamie lidell shame

This track mixes so many different styles that it close to gave me a headache but I still couldn’t stop listening. It all makes so much sense when the chorus bit kicks in.

Free Download: Jamie Lidell ‘What A Shame’

Jamie Lidell is by far one of my favourite male soloists, and he’s constantly reinventing himself and always seems to be two steps ahead of the game, which is natural talent as far as I’m concerned. He’s releasing a new album next February and this is being given away as a free download. It’s a whole mix of sounds that kicks you with a very heavy, soulful chorus.

Another day, another way…

Happy new year! Let’s face it, 2011 was kinda pants for most people, but there seems to be a lot of good vibes kicking around for 2012.

So in the spirit of things, I thought I’d start the first post of the year with one of the happiest tracks I know, by Jamie Lidell. It’s not new, but it’s about love and it’s optimistic- and we can never have enough of either of those.

I was up by over 100k hits on Alfitude in 2011 from the previous year, which is a huge, huge jump and one that makes me smile- so thank you for coming here. I really hope your dreams happen this year, because we all deserve it.

I have a couple of ambitions that I would love to see through, but I think 2011’s toughened me enough to not fuss too much if they don’t go through!

New Music: James Pants

If I ever went to a fancy dress party dressed like Jamie Lidell (which will probably never happen), I’d probably end up looking like James Pants.  You could either see his stuff as ultra cool or ultra rubbish, but either way I think it’s alright. And I love the name. Check out here.

Live: Jamie Lidell at 229 The Venue

I love Jamie Lidell. He’s just amazing in my eyes. Some people ooze musical talent without even trying, and he’s one of them. I was really looking forward to seeing him tonight, and he didn’t let me down in the slightest. His drummer was out of this world, and he had loads of funny machines that made sounds I’d never heard before in my life. I left the 229 a happier man, with a spring in my step and a tune in my head. Above is the live version of my favourite track on his new album, Compass, called ‘Your Sweet Boom’. It doesn’t sound anything like the recorded version- but then that’s not Jamie’s style!

Jamie Lidell – Compass : Best record of the year so far

I brought Jamie Lidell’s new album, Compass, yesterday and it’s all I’ve been listening to all day. This guy can do no wrong! It’s a cross between soul, blues, a little bit of soft electro and that unique Beck beat (Beck produced Compass). I’m seeing Jamie play in London tommorrow, so excited! Check out here.