Watch: JGrrey – Doubt Nothing

A positive song with matching visuals is just about the most needed thing in 2020.

“‘Doubt Nothing’ again just does what it says on the tin. I was really particular about what song I was going to release following on from ‘Ain’t So’ and my mood and my energy and everyone else’s energy right now just needs ‘Doubt Nothing’, I’d like to think it’s uplifting. It’s just me in a song really.”


JGrrey – Ain’t So

“When I wrote ‘Ain’t So’ I wrote it with a supporter of mine in mind… it’s meant to be a reassuring song, it was meant to be a reminder that things get better.

But actually now I look at ‘Ain’t So’ as a moody song that holds the weight of addressing one’s emotions ‘aint so bad when you’re feeling like that’ – a reminder that you’re still lucky enough to feel, a reminder that even with the world falling apart you’re still here… What will you do with your time?”


New Music: JGrrey

Track of the week. It’s just the cutest melody, and a real reminiscence to Amy Winehouse vibe that I love so much.

So then, this is the last track of the week for 2017, and it also falls on Xmas day, which is nice.

You ought to be hanging out with friends or family or something today, but thank you for being here – much love :)