Watch: JP Cooper – In These Arms

JP Cooper brings back power pop in a very finessed way with this track.

‘In These Arms’ is a song about addiction… through the perspective of being addicted to a person, knowing they’re not right for you and being in a prison by your own choice. It’s about constantly making excuses for the addiction and projecting romance on to it but ultimately knowing that it’s wrong. I think it’s something that most people would have been through at some point in their lives.. if not, it’s probably gonna happen…unless you’re one of the lucky ones. These are the relationships where you learn a hell of a lot about what is good for you, what you deserve and in turn, if we’re talking in the context of human relationships, what your partner deserves.”

JP Cooper

MTV Brand New announce their shortlist for 2017!


And they are…
I reckon JP Cooper will make the most impact in 2017, but I do thing RAYE is quite something… Find out more information here.

New Music: JP Cooper

jp cooper

When someone sounds this good stripped and live, you know something special will happen. Check out here.