Pusha T – If You Know You Know

Track of the week. The return of Pusha T carries that trademark production we all loved from Kanye West back in the day.

Pusha T

When Kanye West’s dancers took over a plane…

I’m not really sure why this happened, but it did and it’s cool and kinda beautiful to watch. I guess it’s to show off Kanye West to some capacity. Or maybe they’re just having fun…

New Music: Skizzy Mars

This sounds a bit like Kanye West but you know what, there’s nothing wrong with that. The base track is The Chemical Brothers’ ‘Another World’. This track just lifts you up so much. You can download it too by clicking on the little arrow on the side of the Soundcloud. Check out here. 

First Watch: Kanye West ‘All Of The Lights’

One of the strongest Kanye songs of late, with a massively epic video featuring Rihanna and Kid Cudi.

Little kids re-enact Kanye’s tweets… Major LOLZ!

Thank God for sending KanYe down to this faceless and humourless world. For without KanYe, we wouldn’t have little kids reenact all of his classics… from his Twitter feed. So funny and cute!