Maths Time Joy – Two Steps (feat. Kevin Garrett)

The Grammy-nominated artist, producer and DJ known as Maths Time Joy teams up with Pittsburgh based singer-songwriter (and Beyonce collaborator) Kevin Garrett on a song that is as flawless and perfected as you’d imagine.

“Kevin has been one of my favourite artists for a long time so it was an honour to get to work with a songwriter like him, he brings such sincerity to his work and it was interesting to work in a sonic space that is a bit more uptempo than both of us would usually sit.” – Maths Time Joy

Maths Time Joy | Kevin Garrett

Hear Kevin Garrett cover *NSYNC’s ‘It’s Gonna Be Me’

Small admission – *NSYNC were my favourite of the boybands as a kid. And this song in particular is one of their best (in my opinion). Kevin Garrett has now gone and done the most gorgeous, haunting cover and it’s too good not to share.

Kevin Garrett

Kevin Garrett – Little Bit Of You

Kevin Garrett

Track of the week. This is one of those songs that resonates close to home, and I like the melancholic warmth it brings…

Kevin Garrett