Listen to new take on Robyn’s classic ‘With Every Heartbeat’ by Zara Larsson

Conductor, Producer, Co- Producer, Associated Performer, Co- Arranger: Jules Buckley

Orchestra: HER-O

Associated Performer, Vocals: Zara Larsson

Producer, Executive Producer, Associated Performer, Music Production: Pete Tong

Pete Tong

Kleerup + AlunaGeorge – Lovers Table

“We worked in this beautiful little studio in East London that overlooked a cobbled courtyard, just on piano for most of the day which is my fave way to write songs. At the time I was really interested in the idea of a career woman giving up on love because she just felt she wasn’t invited to the table. The cliché of the lonely female boss that is familiar, yet comfortable, because you don’t have to risk your heart — in many ways it was personal experience. Until someone comes along to challenge that paradigm and you realise you have to jump in even though you feel like you can’t.” AlunaGeorge

“It’s always inspiring to work with such incredible talented people, Aluna and Joacim went beyond what I could ever have hoped for. I think we really nailed all the parts on this song, the vocals, the production and the whole team is perfect. I couldn’t be happier to release this track as a sort of a comeback single.” Kleerup

Listen: Kleerup ‘Let Me In’


Kleerup’s back with a sound that’s in keeping with his trademark mellow electro pop. This dreamy number features Susan Sundfør.

Listen: Simian Mobile Disco ‘Tangents’

simian mobile disco

This is very Kleerup-sounding. It’s the first single taken from Simian Mobile Disco’s forthcoming album, ‘Whorl’.

A good Loreen remix

kleerup loreen

This Prins Thomas remix of Loreen and Kleerup’s ‘Requiem Solution’ is bliss.

First Watch: Kleerup feat. Loreen ‘Requiem Solution’

kleerup loreen

Here’s the video to one of the more epic Scandinavian songs to hit the airwaves this spring, from Loreen and Kleerup. 

First Listen: Kleerup feat. Loreen ‘Requiem Solution’

kleerup loreen

A beautiful, epic and genius piece of Scandinavian music from Kleerup and Loreen.

Loreen and Kleerup… In the same studio!

loreen kleerup

This got me a bit excited. Loreen, of Eurovision fame, has teamed up with Kleerup, of Robyn ‘With Every Heartbeat’ fame. This is a preview of what’s to come, and it sounds like it will be a stunning piece of music.