Here’s the most intense rework of ‘Un-Break My Heart’ you’ll ever hear…

Loreen | Little Dragon

Loreen – Fiction Feels Good

A magnificent reinvention of Loreen’s old roster of singles into something quite unique.


Boston Bun – Get Into It (feat. LOREEN) 1994 Version


Swedish pop powerhouse Loreen teams up with French disco newcomer Boston Bun. It’s basically amazing, and more.

Ed Banger

Loreen – I’m In It With You


And while I’m on the topic of Scandi pop, Loreen’s new single shows off her flair at pulling off something intense and obscure while still tapping mainstream. It grew on me all week to the point where I’m a little in love with it.


Paper Light


Loreen’s new single has grown on me after a few weeks…

First Listen: Loreen ‘We Got The Power’

loreen we got the power

Epic! I don’t think there’s been a cooler Eurovision winner in living memory. New one from Loreen, will get it’s debut on Saturday’s Eurovision final. Good pop.

A good Loreen remix

kleerup loreen

This Prins Thomas remix of Loreen and Kleerup’s ‘Requiem Solution’ is bliss.

First Watch: Kleerup feat. Loreen ‘Requiem Solution’

kleerup loreen

Here’s the video to one of the more epic Scandinavian songs to hit the airwaves this spring, from Loreen and Kleerup. 

First Watch: Loreen ‘Heal’

loreen heal album cover

And shortly after debuting her new track with Kleerup, Loreen’s released her new video clip for ‘Heal’. It’s hot.

First Listen: Kleerup feat. Loreen ‘Requiem Solution’

kleerup loreen

A beautiful, epic and genius piece of Scandinavian music from Kleerup and Loreen.

Loreen and Kleerup… In the same studio!

loreen kleerup

This got me a bit excited. Loreen, of Eurovision fame, has teamed up with Kleerup, of Robyn ‘With Every Heartbeat’ fame. This is a preview of what’s to come, and it sounds like it will be a stunning piece of music.

First Listen: Loreen ‘Crying Out Your Name’

I nearly wet myself when I found out that Loreen released a new track- out October 8th. This lady only has a handful of tracks out on the web despite her enormous win at Eurovision 2012. Anyway, enjoy. Can’t wait for the album, Heal. The tracklist is as follows:

01. In My Head
02. My Heart Is Refusing Me
03. Everytime
04. Euphoria
05. Crying Out ​​Your Name
06. Do We Even Matter
07. Sidewalk
08. Sober
09. If She’s The One
10. Breaking Robotic
11. See You Again
12. Heal (feat. Blanks)

First Watch: Loreen ‘Euphoria’

Winner of this Eurovision- and finally with a proper, official video.  I love Loreen but Im a bit terrified. Still brilliant though.

This is how the Swedes celebrate a win…

Check out the HUGE turnout for Loreen’s homecoming after winning Eurovision this year. Amazing!

The Swedish Royal Guard performing Eurovision winner ‘Euphoria’ by Loreen

I am ridiculously happy for Sweden and Loreen winning this year’s Eurovision over the weekend. It was about time and the song deserved to win. In all it’s Swedish amazingness, watch the Swedish Royal Guard perform the winning song. It’s great!

As we’re Scandi-obsessed, we’ll be launching a microsite soon following the run up to Sweden 2013!

The biggest song in Sweden right now…

This is Loreen, singing Euphoria. She won Melodifestivalen over the weekend with this, and will therefore represent the song as Sweden’s entry for Eurovision this year. If you don’t know what Melodifestivalen is, it’s Sweden’s most watched show and is absolutely huge in every sense of the word. I went last year and it was simply mind blowing.

Hey, Leona- maybe you should have stolen this as your lead single?

This is the new single by Loreen, who made a splash on the Swedish pop scene earlier this year with this amazing piece of pop bliss. It’s currently top 10 in the Swedish iTunes chart.