Liam Bailey – You Saw The Devil in Me

Throughout the years that I have been following Liam Bailey one thing that is for certain is the consistency in quality with his sound.

Liam Bailey – When Will They Learn

liam bailey

It’s been just over three years since I first featured Liam Bailey on this site. His career hasn’t been as high-profile as I hoped it would be for him; with a voice like his and a natural flair for soul he deserves so much more cred than he gets. Anyway, this is his new (previous) track and you won’t be surprised to see that I love it.

Shy FX – Soon Come (feat. Liam Bailey)

liam bailey

London’s had NO summer AT ALL this year. In fact, I’m looking forward to going Stockholm later this week because I’m sure no matter how cold it will be there it won’t be as bad as this city has been. Anyway, this track from Shy FX and Liam Bailey can warm us all up a bit.

First Watch: Liam Bailey ‘It’s Not The Same’

You may know that I’m a bit of a fan of this guy. Now signed to Amy Winehouse’s label, Liam Bailey’s back with a new single and video. Love.

Liam Bailey makes amazing.

I’ve featured Liam Bailey on here a couple of times already- and I saw him at Tottenham Court Road station yesterday singing to himself in that cocksure ‘Im going to be big’ kind of way. Of course I didn’t stop him, he probably would have hit me. But it did make me wonder what happened to him- he was meant to release something last month and I didn’t really hear much about it. Anyway, I still don’t know much but I see that he’s now signed to Amy Winehouse’s label, Lioness. And the songs on his’ So Down, Cold’ E.P are pretty amazing. Above is one such song, and you can hear the rest here.

Live: Liam Bailey and Rosanna at Gold Dust

These two artists are tipped to be very very big in the next year- and both were featured on this blog a while ago. Rosanna‘s set was great- she blends melodies with electric synths in a way on Swedes know how to do. Liam Bailey was also excellent- although some of the things he came out with between his songs were a bit OTT, verging on the off-putting. But his talent is pretty amazing and definitely worth checking out!

New Music: Liam Bailey

This guy is a cross between Amy Winehouse, Nate James and some Daniel Merriweather. And he reminds me a bit of Otis Redding, don’t know why. It’s good. Check out here.