Mapei – Lyah

“This song is about trusting your intuition. Make sure you’re in a relationship that is worth your love. I am in one now. But I have crossed a few liars. Had to get it off my chest.”


Mapei – Swim

“We have all been in shallow waters and we have all reached the deep end. What I pour out in the song swim is tears. However, the struggle continues. This song is my savior and it helps me to recognise my worth and live the life I deserve to live. So, don’t drown in tears. Swim in them. It feels better. Because sometimes it’s good to cry and be depressed, but not to the point where you want to die. You are important and you have value. Love thyself!”


Mapei – Rise Up

“In ‘Rise Up’, I wanted to capture that Americana spirit of the 70’s. The song came to me out of the blue one day, when I was out in L.A doing some writing. I just started singing “Rise Up” to myself, which turned into chanting. After that, it only took two hours in the studio until the song was finished. The track is about friendship, and about moving forward towards positivity. In the verses, it’s almost like I’m channeling my uncle, giving advice. The lyrics are meant for pushing one forward in the right direction.”


Watch: Mapei ‘Million Ways To Live’


I’ll be honest, I’m not really sure where Mapei is heading. Nothing’s been sub-par, it’s just every new release seems to sound like a departure from it’s previous single, and nothing so far has topped that epic first release… Anyway, this has a nice retro vibe.

Adam Tensta (ft. Mapei) – Let Your Hair Down

adam tensta

Umm… EPIC! Adam Tensta AND Mapei? It’s a free download too.

Listen: Mapei ‘Change’


Mapei is my favourite Swedish talent from the last twelve months. And I have come to that judgement from just two singles – the flawless ‘Don’t Wait’, and this new one. So, so amazing.

New Music: Mapei


Airy soul pop with some big beats. Check out here.