Watch: Foreign Beggars – Young Kings & Queens (feat. Maverick Sabre & Mali Hayes)

“Kids growing up these days have years in hostile environments and felt a lot of struggle due to a decade of Austerity… With so many youth centres shutting down and violence on the rise wanted to make a song to reach out and shed some light and guidance.” 

Foreign Beggars

SoulCircuit – Rolling With Me (I Got Love) ft. Maverick Sabre


Down-tempo house from SoulCircuit with Maverick Sabre.

Listen: Maverick Sabre ‘We Don’t Wanna Be’ (ft. Joey Bada$$)

maverick sabre joey bada$$

Good to hear new music from Maverick Sabre finally!

First Watch: Maverick Sabre ‘I Need’

This has to be absolutely my favourite song of the month. Previously featured on here back in March this year, this is the new single from Maverick Sabre. It’s a boy version of Adele and Amy. This is TALENT.

New Music: Maverick Sabre

I always get excited when British hip hop artists like Maverick Sabre come on to the scene- this reminds me of Plan B (from his ‘I’ll stab you in the eye, yo, With a fucking biro, The same fucking biro you just used to sign your giro, You fucking wino‘ days). Check out here.