Neon Hitch – Please

neon hitch

Track of the week. One of the first acts I ever featured on this site – so many years ago. And yet still relatively unrecognised. This is a simple pop ballad but it’s so beautiful.

Neon Hitch

First Watch: Neon Hitch ‘Midnight Sun’

neon hitch

Gorgeous RnB from one of the first artists to ever get featured on this blog, Neon Hitch. Go forth and make babies.

A good song from the first ever person featured on here…

Alfitude is nearing another year of existence. It’s the longest surviving thing I’ve made and managed to not destroy and I’m pretty proud of that.

Anyway, Neon Hitch was my first featured artist on Alfitude and not much has come of her since then it seems, but this track is as candy pop as it gets. So have fun with it.

First Listen: Neon Hitch ‘Silly Girl’

Neon Hitch was one of the first artists featured on this blog, and this is her second single. It’s dirty.

New Music: Neon Hitch

I really like Neon Hitch. She’s just got signed up by Warner Bros. She also co-wrote ‘Blah Blah Blah’ for Ke$ha.