New Music: Mike Baretz

A master of many talents, Mike Baretz is not only an emerging singer but also an established songwriter and producer who has worked alongside the likes of Kota the Friend and Croosh.

Today marks the release of his first single, entitled ‘Take It That Way’. Inspired by relationships where lovers stay together and intentionally ignore the warning signs, the song presents listeners with a dreamy yet melancholic fusion of R&B, soul and indie-pop.

“I think we’ve all felt at times that we can cling to the things we are close to even when we can see the flaws and shortcomings staring right back at us. ‘Take It That Way’ is about trying to hold on to that person despite seeing all the cracks in the foundation. It can be so easy to ignore all of the downsides and just latch on to the familiarity and comfort of someone you care about, even when it may not be working.”

A self-taught musician who ended up at the world-renowned Juilliard School, Baretz has also collaborated with acclaimed producers like Lars Stalfors and Swagg R’Celius.

Mike Baretz

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New Music: Natalie Carr

If you’re on the hunt for some new electro-pop talent today, you won’t find anyone much better than North Carolina-based artist Natalie Carr.

Inspired by the likes of Tove Lo, Dua Lipa, Lauv and Rihanna, Carr fuses R&B with pop to create songs which are not only infectiously catchy, but also carry meaningful lyrics.

“I wrote ‘Wasted Potential’ about no longer caring about living up to society’s expectations through the lens of a dysfunctional relationship. In the hook I write, ‘we’ll always be broke and we’ll always be late, I’m a piece of s*** without a 401k.’ It’s a playful take on making people upset whose opinions probably shouldn’t matter in the first place (i.e. people you knew ten years ago, your ex-boyfriend’s mom, etc.). I’ve had an unconventional life and path and one of the things I’ve always believed is that you’ll never have the time back to take risks and chances. This song is my ‘don’t play it safe’ anthem. I want people in their twenties to hear this song and feel validated if they don’t have their s*** together.”

Supported by industry heavyweights including MTV, Spotify and Billboard, Carr looks set to become one of the most promising rising starlets from the US this year.

Natalie Carr

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New Music: Pace

Hailing from Chicago comes promising new talent Pace. Not defined by any single genre, this artist creates songs that carry a distinctly unique character.

New single ‘Concrete Walls’ presents listeners with a playful yet understated mix of indie and funk – resulting in a sound that feels current and fresh while also maintaining a tastefully nostalgic essence.

Pace has already been picking up traction over this last year, with songs like ‘Living Backwards’ achieving almost 400k streams to date.


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New Music: Forest Claudette

One of the most impressive debuts this month has been from American-Australian talent Forest Claudette – and when you press play on ‘Creaming Soda’ you’ll understand why.

Stylistically, the track showcases a sound that perfectly blends elements of R&B with indie, soul and hip hop.

Lyrically, the song was inspired by the self-inflicted pressures that come with setting up personal goals, and reminds us to not get stuck in our own heads.

“Simply repeat the phrase ‘f*ck it, I’m 19’ and proceed to walk away from whatever you can’t be bothered dealing with.”

Forest Claudette

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New Music: Mad Kelly

Photo / VXL – True Ground

Hailing from South Florida comes rising artist and producer Mad Kelly. Through a perfectly balanced fusion of rock and emo-pop, this talent creates sounds that feel nostalgic yet raw and future-forward in equal measures.

Anthemic new single ‘Stuck’ addresses the monotony of life, and the lack of motivation we sometimes encounter – even when we need to change things for the better.

“This song is about being stuck in a cycle of everyday human events, we just sit around and waste our time on bullshit. If we are unhappy with ourselves and the world around us, we do nothing about it. Most my songs have been pretty clear on feeling trapped and feeling like I’m a hostage, but this song is about having enough and finally breaking away from everything holding you in your comfortable, boring, lazy state of not giving a f*ck.”

With over a million catalogue streams to date and praise from the likes of Flaunt, Spindle and NYOTA Magazine, Mad Kelly is well on his way to becoming one of Florida’s most interesting newcomers.

Mad Kelly

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New Music: Wax

Lifted from his freshly-released debut EP ‘Hunger or Greed’, ‘True Talk Melodies’ solidifies London artist Wax as one of the most promising new creatives to emerge from the Capital.

With a highly skilled approach to music-making that applies intelligent lyricism over a polished fusion of UK hip hop and drill, Wax has already garnered praise from the likes of Dummy Mag, BBC Radio 1 and Capital Xtra.

Showcasing a multi-faceted approach to his art, Wax has also unveiled a short film inspired by the EP that tells of an eventful night in London.


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New Music: THILO

One of the most exciting discoveries of the week has been Berlin newcomer THILO. A performer since the age of six, this promising talent carries a soulful voice that glides perfectly over songs which seamlessly fuse elements of pop with R&B, indie and dance.

Infectious new single ‘FLIGHT RISK’ is all about those moments in life when we ignore our problems instead of tackling them. Concurrently, the song also serves as somewhat of a self-empowerment anthem that dismisses the people in our lives who think they know best.

‘FLIGHT RISK’ is taken from THILO’s forthcoming EP, entitled ‘Run Run’ (out 12th August 2022).


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New Music: Davey Legend

Hailing from Redding in California is promising artist Davey Legend. With a refreshingly eccentric approach to music-making, this talent is constructing some of the most original new sounds to emerge from the US.

‘GOLIATH’ is a song that is full of unexpected twists and turns. This captivating and unique track radiates with a tense and raw energy, while also featuring elements of dreamy, alternative pop.

While still a relative newcomer, Legend has already showcased his potential for creating songs that feel relatable to listeners while also pushing the boundaries of the pop genre.

Davey Legend

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New Music: Klaverson

Another hugely exciting British debut today comes courtesy of 25-year old Kent-based artist Jack Lintorn, who goes by the alias of Klaverson.

A master of many talents, Lintorn is not only a singer, songwriter and producer, but also a visual artist who developed the Klaverson project while working at the legendary Abbey Road Studios.

Dreamy new single ‘I’m Coming Home’ incorporates elements of alternative R&B with downtempo, creating a sound that feels hazy, soulful, and almost ethereal in tone.

Through the release of this single, Klaverson has managed to present himself as one of the most interesting new alternative artists to emerge from Southern England so far this year.


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New Music: Third Party Incidents

East London’s Third Party Incidents introduce themselves to the world today with the release of their first ever single, entitled ‘Chair’.

Showcasing some of the finest alt-rock to emerge from the Capital in some time, this four-piece create sounds that are vivid, invigorating and unashamedly bold in tone.

Songs like ‘Chair’ remind listeners of the unparalleled joy and energy that comes from experiencing rock music live, so if you’re in London on the 23rd July 2022 be sure to catch the group performing at the Fiddler’s Elbow.

Third Party Incidents

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New Music: Maddie Park

If you’re a fan of stripped-back R&B then Korean-American songstress Maddie Park might well be your new favourite artist.

Inspired by the works of modern-day icons like Jhené Aiko, SZA and Ariana Grande, this rising talent constructs sleek fusions of alternative R&B and pop that feel minimal and understated, allowing for her beautifully honest lyrics to shine through.

“‘i’ll call you back’ was born from the lyric ‘I don’t think you understand me anymore.” The song embodies nostalgia for a relationship that hasn’t yet ended, reminiscence amid a personal struggle for clarity in the midst of change.”

With a natural flair for creating songs that focus on human’s hopes, desires, vulnerabilities and fears, Park’s work is sure to resonate with a large audience.

Maddie Park

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New Music: PENNY X

Hailing from the cultural hive that is Berlin comes independent singer and songwriter PENNY X.

Inspired by genres as diverse as alt-pop, rock and indie, this promising newcomer creates songs that carry a unique edge while still maintaining mainstream appeal.

Debut single ‘faster’ is a classic breakup song that covers all the raw feelings we experience when a romance fails, as she explains:

“It’s a story about a breakup (with some juicy details), jealousy, hurt egos and how who moves on faster can feel like a race sometimes. To me this song feels like driving through an empty city at night when you can’t wait to finally get home.”


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New Music: Jay Guernon

Hailing from LA is rising newcomer Jay Guernon, who creates a style of R&B-pop that harks back to the classic 2000’s era while still sounding fresh and current.

Summery new single ‘Go Baby’ is inspired by the joyful moments that Guernon shares in his relationships, and also celebrates the women he loves in his life.

“Keepin me floatin, keeping my head over waters, love and devotion, holding me down cuz you wanna” ~ Go Baby

Reminiscent of other feel-good pop artists like Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars, it seems almost inevitable that Guernon will achieve mainstream success in the near future.

Jay Guernon

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New Music: Highline

Hailing from Sydney comes rising quartet Highline, who unveil their stunning new single ‘Overrun’ today.

Initially formed while performing in their school’s jazz band, this outfit construct melodic sounds that blend genres seamlessly – incorporating elements of dreamy indie with classic rock and pop.

With praise from the likes of MTV and triple j, as well as placements on flagship Spotify playlists such as New Music Friday AU/NZ and Fresh Finds, this is one Australian group to keep on your radars.


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New Music: Hohnen Ford

Photo / Harvey Pearson

London-born singer-songwriter Hohnen Ford’s work initially picked up attention on social platform Reddit, where she frequently garners close to a million viewers on her live streams.

Inspired by musical idols like Joni Mitchell, Bjork, Fiona Apple and Sarah Vaughan, Ford constructs gorgeously simple blends of folk, indie and jazz.

Debut single ‘Infinity’ focuses on Ford’s journey of self-discovery, with the lyrics described as:

“A stream of consciousness in a quiet moment when the world felt overwhelming. A note to myself as I was reflecting on what was bubbling around in my brain at a time of crossroads in my life.” – Hohnen Ford

Hohnen Ford

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New Music: Causier

Hailing from the Midlands in England is singer-songwriter Causier, who’s unique style of melancholic pop is rapidly gaining this Leicester-born artist significant momentum.

Inspired by feelings of nostalgia and loneliness, his introspective new single ‘Brick Phone’ addresses the way that technology has marked the decline of meaningful human connections being made between one another.

“’Brick Phone’ is a song about wishing to disconnect. To disconnect from the world and be with oneself again. It’s a reflection on the difficulties of being present in relationships and being emotionally available. It’s also a song about nostalgia. As one looks to a digital future, it is comforting to remember our beginnings typing texts, missing calls and choosing ringtones.”

Citing inspirations as varied as The Beatles, Prince, Jeff Buckley and Brent Faiyaz, this rising artist looks set to become one of the UK’s most interesting new talents.


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New Music: Shxngi

One of the most impressive discoveries of the week comes courtesy of South London newcomer Shxngi.

Almost ethereal in tone, ‘Drive Safe’ is a stunningly dreamy and exceptionally emotive fusion of alternative R&B, indie and orchestral pop that feels distinctly unique in character.

With its powerful lyricism and captivating vocals, this is one song that hits you hard with intensity – and marks Shxngi as one London talent to watch.

“This is my favourite song amongst all that I’ve made. ‘Selah’ is my mums name. Drive safe is a way of comfort in which I am telling her to travel safe to heaven after she passes ones day, the inevitable. Points of the song hint at the fact that no matter how many people you lose, you can still feel them with you, in love, in spirit; the best thing you can do is tell them to drive safe.”


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New Music: King LX

Hailing from Germany is rising new artist Benji Asare, who also goes by the name of King LX.

By blending elements of synth with soul and power-pop, Asare constructs songs that are dark, sultry, sleek and impactful – yet still feel nostalgic and relatable in tone.

An anthem for anyone who’s recently single, Asare’s empowering new track ‘Sorry’ reminds listeners to not feel guilty when moving on from an old lover.

King LX

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New Music: Mergui

Photo / Eden Bachar

Already noted as one of the fastest-rising international names within pop, Israeli singer, songwriter and producer Mergui unveils his first English release with ‘Sucks to Know You (FU).’

A punchy fusion of pop and punk-rock, this infectiously catchy and anthemic song makes an instant impact from the moment you press play.

“Ever since I was a little kid, I dreamed of doing music in English. This is something I’ve worked towards my whole life, and Haim Saban and the team at Saban Music Group made it a reality.”

From serving in the military to amassing more 200k TikTok followers and 250k Spotify monthly listeners, it’s safe to say that Mergui is rapidly on his way to reaching the global musical mainstream.


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New Music: Mollie Coddled

Through her charming and playful fusions of indie and pop, Leeds-based newcomer Mollie Coddled may well be one of your favourite rising starlets.

Songs like ‘Guilt Trip’ feel lyrically relatable, while the infectious melody will stay with you all day. Speaking on the song, Mollie says:

“It’s about being peer pressured into doing social activities when you’re introverted and just wanna be alone.”

Having already garnered support from the likes of BBC Introducing, Dork and Louder Than War, you can certainly add this promising artist to the list of exceptional bedroom-pop talents currently emerging from the UK.

Mollie Coddled

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