New Music: Nectar Woode

Hailing from the creative hub of East London is emerging singer and songwriter Nectar Woode, who has just unveiled an uplifting single titled ‘Good Vibrations’.

If you’re suffering from the midweek blues, then this is the song for you. Co-written and produced by Bad Sounds (who are noted for their work with Arlo Parks and Rose Gray), this beautifully melodic track serves listeners with a charming fusion of soul and pop.

Freshly signed to iconic label Communion Records, we predict that Woode will very quickly become one of the UK’s newest stars. This is one artist to watch!

Nectar Woode

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New Music: Duskbloom

Duskbloom is an exciting new project from Hertfordshire-based singer, songwriter and producer Jack Osborne.

Genre-bending debut single ‘Glow’ showcases a production that fuses elements of electronica with garage and alternative pop, resulting in a style of sound that feels haunting and dark, but also bold and arresting.

“It’s about my journey from existential crisis, to moments of peace and hope – by shining love and empathy on myself, glowing “If you feel it fading out, know you can glow.”

The track serves as an impressive introduction to a musician who uses his songwriting skills as a way to not only express his thoughts and feelings, but to also uplift and inspire listeners during their darkest moments.

“Many of us have blindly followed other peoples’ advice through life, getting qualifications and jobs that served a different generation and now we’re left absent and apathetic. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like this. My music is far from perfect, but it’s true to who I am and who I hope to become. I hope that by sharing my journey, I can connect to those on the same journey, and encourage them to nurture their own passions through self-love and empathy – however small, however grand.”

Duskbloom will release three more singles in the upcoming months. Be sure to follow the artist on Spotify here.


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New Music: mickey jas

Hailing from Baltimore is rising newcomer mickey jas, who has just released one of the most uplifting songs of the week.

‘Snacks in the Pantry’ is nostalgia-driven indie pop at its best. With its’s playful lyrics, memorable melody and thoughtfully constructed production, this track deserves to be on everyone’s summer playlists.

“A song written with nostalgic emotions and missing the good old days being a youthful kid. From playing sports with friends in the backyard to raiding your parents pantry, this song brings out all of the feels.”

Since debuting only last year, mickey’s music has been streamed more than 55k times. And with praise from heavyweight tastemakers like Earmilk already under his belt, this artist could be one to watch.

mickey jas

New Music: Todd Binder

American indie artist Todd Binder is one of those rare talents who is able to craft pieces of music that perfectly blend modern indie with essences of nostalgia.

‘Alameda’ is a beautifully emotive song that was lyrically inspired by the artist’s feelings and thoughts about the world. The track’s title was also dedicated to the city of Alameda, in which Binder had once resided.

 “Despite the calming beauty staged by the musical score, ‘Alameda’ is bittersweet and devastating in its nostalgia and longing.”

Interestingly, ‘Alameda’ was recorded and mixed in analog at the iconic Tiny Telephone Studio in San Francisco, which is owned by acclaimed musician John Vanderslice.

Todd Binder

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Cloud House – Still Here

Glaswegian indie rockers Cloud House have been winning fans all across the UK ever since the release of their acclaimed ‘Days Changed’ debut EP in 2021.

They return today with lyrically moving yet sonically energising anthem called ‘Still Here’. The track was written by Cloud House’s lead guitarist Patrick Wallace for his fellow bandmate Conor McCarry, following the death of his mother:

“I wrote the song during a time when Conor needed to be grieving on his own. It came from a place of feeling really helpless – wanting to be there for your best friend but knowing that there’s nothing you can really do or say that makes anything easier. It’s about finding hope during the darkest times.” 

The song is taken from the group’s upcoming EP of the same name, which is available from the 1st November 2023. In the meantime, you can catch the talented lads on tour from September – more details can be found here and below.

Cloud House

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Cloud House UK Tour Dates 2023:

  • 29th September – King Tuts Glasgow 
  • 1st October – Girdwoods Wishaw 
  • 2nd October – Bannermans Edinburgh 
  • 6th October – PJ Molloys Dunfermline 

New Music: NOFUN!

Rising out of LA is fresh new music collective NOFUN! Consisting of nine very unique artists, this project has been gaining significant traction in recent months – and the release of their latest single will only further bolster momentum.

‘Get Faded’ is reminiscent of N*E*R*D’s earliest (and in our opinion, finest) work, and presents listeners to a refreshingly bold fusion of alternative hip hop and rock that will leave you wanting more.

“This is just a sample of a musical resolution in the midst of chaos that is NOFUN!. Imagine you just left the flyest party you’ve ever been to… ‘Get Faded’ will take you right back.”

To us, it seems likely that this exciting collective will hit the mainstream very soon – so be sure to keep them on your radars.


NOFUN! are Dave Coresh / Levi Evans / Garrett Gloom / Huebline / Louie Lambo / SWANN / WADE08 / Mother Wata  / Zoodeville

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New Music: Mali Velasquez

Another week, another exceptional Nashville talent to share with you all.

This time it’s the turn of singer-songwriter Mali Velasquez, whose new single ‘Bobby’ is nothing short of sublime. This might well be one of the finest indie songs we’ve come across so far this month, and as soon as you press play you’ll understand why.

Produced by Josef Kuhn, the track evolves in spectacular fashion the longer you listen, while maintaining a powerfully emotive essence throughout. Explaining the song’s inspiration, Velasquez says:

“I wrote ‘Bobby’ originally about losing my mom when I was in high school, I had a lot of these visuals of her being sick. The only connections I can find from sickness and death are in animals and nature, which felt like my way out of grieving in a tunnel vision. The chorus of the song is largely about my coping with her loss, mostly being unable to move or stop staring at the wall. Grief and moving from unhealthy coping mechanisms to safer ones is a thick and embarrassing struggle that seeps into a lot of these songs.”

“Getting these songs out has been really healing for me. Before, the way I was grieving was just kind of holding it all in, waiting for it to release. These songs have given me a new perspective on grief. At one time, I didn’t think anything good could come from this. There’s nothing left of my mom on the planet, and that can be super strange to talk about, but I do feel like there are little pieces of her living in these songs, which is very comforting to me.”

Velasquez is currently preparing for the release of her upcoming debut album, called ‘I’m Green’ (out soon).

Mali Velasquez

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New Music: Adam Hopper

Manchester-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Adam Hopper unveils a beautiful new single today called ‘Free To Roam’.

The gorgeously melodic song was created alongside legendary producer Rob Kirwan, who is noted for his work with global names like U2, PJ Harvey and Hozier. Elaborating on the track’s creation, Hopper explains:

“When I’m feeling like hot garbage, I find that walking in the hills with a loved one can be one of the best salves. ‘Free To Roam’ was half a song for a long time, I had the verses but was struggling for a chorus. Around the same time, I had written a silly song about my love of Sonic the Hedgehog with the chorus ‘blue, beautiful blue’. I shoehorned it in and by God it worked.”

‘Free To Roam’ is yet another stunning addition to Hopper’s already impressive roster of releases, and further showcases his natural flair for crafting indie songs that are both distinct and mesmerising.

To date, Hopper’s work has picked up praise from noted outlets like Clunk, Hive Magazine and Backseat Mafia. You can find tickets for the artist’s upcoming shows here.

Adam Hopper

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New Music: Dirty Blonde

Representing Britain’s next generation of world-class rock talent is Manchester duo Dirty Blonde, who have just unveiled a bold new single called ‘Don’t Cry (It Doesn’t Suit You)’.

While only forming in March this year, the musical project of Ailis Mackay and Hayley Tait has already found praise from the likes of BBC Radio 1, and played festivals as iconic as The Isle of Wight and Great Escape. Speaking on their new single, Dirty Blonde say:

“This song is a blend of different styles, drawing inspiration from various sources, but somehow it all comes together. Lyrically, it captures the essence of individuals who constantly fake remorse, only to repeat their actions again and again. The key takeaway from this song is to have faith in yourself and don’t tolerate negativity from anyone.”

With so much buzz being generated this early in their career, we think these ladies are most definitely ones to watch – so be sure to keep them on your radars!

Dirty Blonde

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Dirty Blonde Live UK Shows 2023

  • 05/08 – Bingley Weekender
  • 26/08 – Birmingham – What’s Happening Weekender
  • 09/09 – Scunthorpe – Cafe Indie
  • 15/09 – Manchester – CANVAS
  • 16/09 – London – Water Rats
  • 17/11 – Nottingham – Via Fossa
  • 09/12 – Manchester – Lions Den

New Music: Cutty

Artists Amy Precious and Kev La Ka join forces to create a new duo, called Cutty.

Hailing from the city of Hull in England, this musical project creates distinctive pop sounds that are refreshingly experimental and intriguing in character.

‘Overdrive’ is the duo’s latest single, and has grown to become a fan favourite at their live shows. It’s a vivid and arresting piece of music that makes an immediate impact from the moment you press play, and is sure to add further momentum to this emerging outfit.

You can experience more of Cutty’s music on their Spotify by clicking here.


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New Music: Izora

LA-based artist Izora is one of the most exciting finds that we’ve come across this week. Born and raised in India, this emerging singer and songwriter is building momentum thanks to her beautifully atmospheric dark-pop productions.

‘Goodbye’ is the artist’s latest single, and draws its sonic inspiration from icons like Lizzy McAlpine and Billie Eilish. Elaborating on the track’s lyrics, Izora explains:

“‘Goodbye’ is a dark pop ballad that is about being in a toxic relationship with someone who only gives you their attention and affection at their convenience.”

With support from heavyweight outlets as noted as Rolling Stone India and VH1 India, it seems only a matter of time before this starlet becomes a global name.


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New Music: Three Second Chances

We’ve got something a little unusual to share with you today; something refreshingly different and much-needed in today’s pop scene.

Three Second Chances consists of three American artists who are all above the age of 40. Through their distinctive and uplifting style of ‘Yacht Pop’, this group are reminding listeners that you’re never too old to take on the music industry.

“‘Out of Sight’ is a song about looking back and realising that you never should have been together in the first place. It’s an uptempo guitar/synth track with 80’s influences and a dark but energetic feel.”

While still relatively new (the band have only released a handful of singles so far), it’s clear that this trio are talented at what they do. Explore more of their music here.

Three Second Chances

New Music: Lewis Fitzgerald

In our opinion, Lewis Fitzgerald is a name that looks certain to hit the mainstream very soon.

With more than a million catalogue streams under his belt, this emerging London talent is already on his way to becoming one of the UK’s freshest stars.

Playing ‘Darling’ will explain why Fitzgerald’s music resonates with so many people. This is a song that radiates warmth and sincerity, thanks to its simple melody, captivating lyrics and beautiful vocals.

“I really wanna make a change in this world and I hope my music can do that. So thanks for listening and being a part of the fun AND LET’S KEEP VIBING.”

The future’s looking bright for this kid – and we can’t wait to see what comes next!

Lewis Fitzgerald

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New Music: Softmax

Softmax might just be one of the most exciting pop talents to have emerged from Chicago in quite some time.

After debuting in 2022 with her acclaimed record ‘But What If There Isn’t’ (listen here), this promising artist is back with another impressive release.

‘Swishers’ was produced alongside Joel Ford (who has worked with the likes of How To Dress Well and Oneohtrix Point Never), and famed Berlin-based electronic producer Gabriel Gifford.

“It’s about wanting to connect with the world and understand people while feeling further and further from it.”

With a style of sound that is refreshingly future-forward and experimental, the song demonstrates Softmax’s ease with pushing sonic boundaries. Keep this rising starlet on your radars!


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New Music: krissy

In our view, Manhattan’s krissy is one of the most exciting pop talents to emerge from America’s East Coast in quite sometime.

New single ‘Want To Want Me’ showcases krissy’s bold and expressive style of songwriting perfectly. With its rocky undertones, the track delivers a sound that is as punchy as it is playful.

Having already amassed support from the likes of LADYGUNN and Wonderland magazines, this is one rising starlet everyone should keep an eye on.


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New Music: Keira Gray

Hailing from Alberta in Canada is 19-year old singer and songwriter Keira Gray, who has just released one of the season’s catchiest bops, suitably titled ‘Summer Lovin’ With You’.

Through its thoughtfully constructed production, the song treats listeners to a refreshing blend of electronica and pop, while the lyrics tell of those bittersweet moments that only seem to happen with summertime romances.

“The inspiration of the song ‘Summer Lovin’ With You’ is from a personal life experience of mine. The love and connection shown in the song is based on the summer I spent with someone who I felt very connected with. We were very close and felt as though we had been together for awhile however this was all cut short when we let the little things diminish our bond.”

Aside from her work as a budding artist, Gray is also an upcoming university student who will commence her BA in Education later this year.

Keira Gray

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New Music: Wolf and Love

Anyone who’s been in love will understand the complexities of being in a relationship; more so when it’s an open one.

Wolf and Love’s new single, called ‘Send You Home’, is inspired by the emotions that a person might experience when they find themselves falling for someone who is already committed.

“This song is very important to us. ‘Send You Home’ delves into the complexities of being gay and dating someone in an open relationship. The lyrics express my yearning to create unforgettable memories with this partner, hoping they linger in his mind when he returns to his boyfriend.”

The lyrics are playful yet honest, while the production lovingly treats listeners to a dreamy blend of synth and pop.

This emerging LA-based duo have just signed a publishing deal with iconic label Warner Chappell, so you’ll be hearing a lot more from them very soon!

Wolf and Love (Danny Wolf & Denny Love )

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New Music: two kalme

One of the most impressive debut songs to come across our radars this summer has been by UK-based newcomers two kalme (aka Tobi Adenaike and Paul Runzo).

‘love?’ is a gorgeously moving piece of alternative music that feels sonically distinct and unique, but still hooks the listener in on a deeper and more personable level.

“Love is me daydreaming. I’m imagining the qualities and characteristics that I would/ should have in a relationship, I liken my reliability as the opposite to clouds, which are largely random and only exist where there is a lot of water in the atmosphere, water equating to the physical or emotional feeling = love.”

To date, the track has been streamed more than 20k times on Spotify, and found its way onto prominent outlets like BBC Introducing, Before The Data, 1Xtra Radio and DMY.

With such an original and captivating style of sound, we anticipate that this duo will very quickly become a critic’s favourite.

two kalme

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New Music: 101ycfm

Banish those midweek blues with some fresh new music courtesy of New York freestyle artist 101ycfm.

‘after party’ is lifted from the musician’s ‘lost & found’ album (listen here), and presents listeners with a luxurious blend of alternative R&B, soul and mellow pop.

This promising talent is already building up a loyal legion of fans on TikTok, where he has amassed more than 1.3 million likes. And with support from the likes of Early Rising and Fashionably Early under his belt, the future’s looking bright for this kid.


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Photo / egara_nneka

Track of the week. CLAVIS 7EVEN is one of the most exciting artists to emerge from the Midlands in a very long time.

Born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and currently residing in Wolverhampton, this talented singer, rapper, songwriter and producer creates future-forward hip hop sounds that also incorporate other genres as diverse as Afrobreat, R&B and electronica.

‘LOSIN U’ is CLAVIS 7EVEN’s latest release, and is likely to become one of the summer’s biggest anthems.

The artist has been supported by the likes of BBC Introducing and Fashionably Early, while his music has found its way onto prominent playlists like Spotify’s Fresh Finds, New Music Friday UK and Essence.

CLAVIS 7EVEN performs his ‘King of The West’ headline show at the NAC in Newhampton on 8th September – tickets can be found here.


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