New Music: mandu

Hailing from Perth in Australia, vocalist and producer mandu crafts a timeless kind of sound that is immediately compelling and utterly captivating to listen to.


New Music: Gianni Mae

Caribbean artist Gianni Mae has gained significant traction in a very short space of time, having already achieved a seal of approval from the likes of Vogue and Complex.

This is a talent who delivers a sense of self-confidence and empowerment with each release, while also keeping the values of self-expression and discovery at the heart of her song writing.

“’Love Me Long’ tells the story of a woman who will not be played or fooled by no man in a relationship. She shows vulnerability and softness because she does want to be connected despite the lows and highs. But the time has come to restore thoughts and intentions and prepare for new beginnings and ultimately letting go.”

Gianni Mae

New Music: Noa Kirel

To say that Noa Kirel is still a ‘new music’ artist is a little misleading, I must admit. She’s already achieved megastar status in her home nation of Israel, although it’s the release of ‘Please Don’t Suck’ which will truly turn this artist into a global name. A perfect blend of disco and pop, this is a joyous track that is sure to be on many people’s summer playlists.

Noa Kirel

New Music: Pekoe Cat

Canadian talent Pekoe Cat is a multi-instrumentalist and producer who’s style of music-making is truly rather eccentric.

This is indie rock with a unique, fun and quirky edge that leaves you intrigued yet craving to hear more.

“I’ve never recorded a song that is finished being written; I write and record at the same time. So even I don’t know where the songs will end up once the recording process has started.”

Pekoe Cat

New Music: Justin Clancy

Massachusetts-based artist Justin Clancy crafts a style of alt-pop that is truly quite indescribable. This is genre-bending music at it’s finest; a sound full of individualism and charm.

On a deeper level, Clancy’s journey with substance abuse and mental health issues have enabled him to extract the good in the worst of times, and music is his way of expressing those feelings freely.

“‘Noose’ represents the not-so-perfect circle I have experienced throughout my lifetime. Often feeling as if that very same circle is a noose slowly killing me. It’s a summation of my personal struggles and inner turmoil.”

Justin Clancy

New Music: Kevin Hackett

At the age of 22, Canadian talent Kevin Hackett is already an accomplished songwriter, producer, rapper, director, graphic designer, clothing designer, and photographer.

‘After’ is an understated yet moving blend of dream-pop and shoegaze that feels almost timeless in it’s sound, building up to an ending that leaves you wanting to hear so much more from this hugely gifted artist.

Taken from the new EP ‘AWAKE AFTER MIDNIGHT’ which is out now.

Kevin Hackett

New Music: Ben Provencial

One of the most emotive songs to come up this week, Ben Provencial’s ‘PHASES’ is a beautifully honest real-life love story of the many relationships that deal with pain and emotional struggles.

This American talent is already building a name for himself thanks to his uniquely charming style of soft-pop that blends beautifully crafted melodies with catchy lyrics.

Ben Provencial

New Music: Alana Sukul

Hailing from South West London, Alana Sukul’s approach to music-making crosses several genres, yet still feels easy and relatable to listen to.

‘Be Friends’ showcases luxurious RnB-inflected vocals that sincerely ask ‘can’t we just be friends?’ while respecting the boundaries of a former friend.

“Friendship breakups can sometimes hurt a lot worse than your typical romantic breakup, I hope this song will help listeners to grieve over the loss by dancing it out.”

Alana Sukul

New Music: Public Order

It’s clear that Public Order have their sights set on global indie-rock domination. With a flair for delivering raw yet upbeat sounds, this outfit deliver a new approach to the genre that is exciting and fresh.

Their release of ‘Feels Like Summer’ is a perfect example of what we can expect from the emerging Welsh trio. This is an immediately captivating track that harks back to the classic 90’s Madchester era, while still sounding new and future-forward.

“‘Feels Like Summer’ is about not being a miserable bastard, life’s not that deep, stop making it deep and getting all in your feels about it. The tune’s basically us giving ourselves a good talking to and saying ‘get on with it cos it ‘Don’t get better than this’.”

Public Order

New Music: Devon Again

LA-based pop artist Devon Again brings a refreshingly fun approach to left-of-center pop, infusing her eccentric and magnetic personality into the mix.

With hooky melodies, catchy lyrics and a sweet vocal, this is one talent that is sure to garner a lot of traction over the coming year.

Devon Again

New Music: Lissy Taylor

With a vocal that immediately piques your curiosity, Stoke-on-Trent musician Lissy Taylor is certain to become one of the UK’s next generation of indie-pop starlets.

Powerful new release ‘Carefree’ highlights her insight into the condition of being young, confident and indeed carefree.

“’Carefree’ is a determination to feel free, to feel unapologetic and unafraid. I decided to push myself to make this a reality by tackling my own anxieties and fears. It’s pretty ironic really because I was far from feeling carefree when I wrote it, it was a dream to be carefree.”

Taken from the upcoming EP ‘Undercurrent’ which is out on 30th July 2021.

Lissy Taylor

New Music: DEVADO

A distinctly unique fusion of pop and RnB, German talent DEVADO created ‘Cloud 11’ using only her vocals and body percussion on the entire production.

“‘Cloud 11’ is a song about falling in love when you expect it least.

This talent takes samples of her voice and other sounds and transforms them into synthesisers, bass, beats and more. With the aim of producing new songs every six to eight weeks, it’s safe to say DEVADO will surely keep 2021 interesting!


New Music: Tom Marden

A truly superb audible experience, Tom Marden’s ‘Church’ draws the complexity of a passionate love/hate relationship on a lo-fi beat over a gorgeously dreamy melody.

The project serves as an altar ego to artist Léo Faubert, who is based in France. It’s there where he began making music in his father’s small studio, before working with groups Kid Wise and After Marianne.

Tom Marden

New Music: BBY LIZA

There was a time when Sweden was pumping out electro-pop songs on a weekly basis, but lately the nation’s commercial music scene has diverted into other styles. Which is actually pretty great, since it keeps things exciting and fresh – but I do still wish that the occasional banger made it’s way to me still.

But fret not if you’re like me, as you’ll be happy to see that BBY LIZA has served us all with a big track in the form of ‘Champagne’. Press play and put the volume on high!


New Music: Ori Rose

One of the finest summer bops that I have yet to stumble upon so far this season, Ori Rose’s ‘Casey’ is a perfect slice of pop that is sure to make you fall in love with this rising American star.

Ori Rose

New Music: GK

Hailing from New York, GK is a rapper who seamlessly blends pop-punk with hip-hop to create a sound that is not only universal but also future-forward.

‘Falling in Love’ is an emotive track that looks at love and loss, and is sure to amplify this artist’s fan base even more.



Describing themselves as ‘somewhere in sludge between electronic disco and cosmic pop’ is probably as accurate as you could expect when listening to Mancunian outfit VELVET SHAKES.

This is a sound that feels nostalgic yet current, with an essence of eccentricity that charms you over instantly. As far as British bands go, it’s almost impossible not to envision these chaps becoming a household name at some point. On new single ‘Can You Do The Right Thing’ they say:

“It’s a song that’s trying to give someone close to me love and light in dark times – an opportunity for contemplation.”

Taken from the upcoming EP ‘Mellowdrama’. 


New Music: Rich

Exceptionally emotive and powerful, ‘Pull Apart The Pieces of My Heart’ is the kind of song that proves you don’t need an extravagant production to relay a meaningful message to the listener.

So it may come as no surprise to learn that it’s creator is already garnering traction. Brooklyn artist Rich is a frequent tour mate of Chance The Rapper and has a fan following that includes the likes of Justin Vernon, James Blake and Zane Lowe.


New Music: Daniela De Izcue

Peruvian singer and songwriter Daniela De Izcue creates a kind of RnB-pop that is reminiscent of the 90’s sound, yet still feels smooth, sleek and current. Regardless of whether or not you can understand Spanish, this song will resonate.

‘Obsesioná’ talks about the sexual desire you have for a specific person when you are young, specially when you just walked out of a relationship and have experienced a heartbreak.

Daniela De Izcue

New Music: Marcus Jacob

Say what you want about Spotify’s algorithm, but the fact that it led me to ‘grey’ by an elusive new artist called Marcus Jacob makes me feel very content.

Delivering a refreshingly original take on hyperpop, this is a sound that is complex and raw in essence, all the while intriguing and immersive to the listener.

Marcus Jacob