New Music: Kitt Philippa

“You’ is a combination of thoughts but its output is a love that is not obviously tangible; love can seem distant but still be present; it can almost be imaginary, or like a memory. It was from that context ‘You’ was written. Some of the lyrics circulate around the idea of space, alluding at times to a perceived ’emptiness’; but love flows between and through us and leaves its trail.”

Kitt Philippa


New Music: SJI

“My sound is inspired by my own inner battles and urge to break free and push my own as well as other people’s limits. My music is all about uplifting one another through being authentic and having courage to be who you really are.”

Trinity Music Production

New Music: NIve

If you thought you’d heard it all in K-Pop, then you need to check out this kid. It’s indie pop with strings and it slowly grows on you til you fall in love.


New Music: Eloise

Track of the week. While this is a live track (which I am never too fond of online), the talent is evident here. It’s effortlessly beautiful jazzy pop with a wistful essence.