New Music: FORM

“It is the idea of ​​the trigger, the trigger, the click, which is guided our writing. This moment when everything changes, or any change of state, or everything is transformed. In coherence with the lyrics of the song, we looked at the speaking situations, unfortunately, we seemed to be more the dimension of ‘psychological release’. This woman decides not to suffer anymore. This police officer decides not to condone this violence. By ‘pressing relaxation’, it is their freedom that overlaps, it is what they experience in an ecstatic and unavoidable dance, becoming invisible to the eyes of all.”



New Music: Dua Saleh

Track of the week. A bold and experimental sound with an almost spoken-word element, delivered in a sharp yet whimsical and mischievous charm.

Dua Saleh

New Music: Ryan Arlo

“I grew up in the early 00s, when pop artists were mostly manufactured and would only allude to their struggles in order not to tarnish their perfect image. I remember watching the video for Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cry Me A River’ (the one with the Britney Spears lookalike) and recognising his use of a star much brighter than him to help build his success outside of NSYNC. Madness.

I was still a kid but realised that it is possible for lyrics to represent something personal and still resonate with strangers. I immediately started working to develop my lyrical capabilities and began writing for producers when I was seventeen but more recently, decided to front my music independently after leaving an abusive relationship. I might not fit the mould of a perfect pop star but perfect is far from my truth.”

Ryan Arlo

New Music: Zac Pajak

“Again’ is about meeting someone for the first time and getting that rare crazy connection. There’s a glimpse of what could be, that wave of excitement and anticipation when you think you might be on the brink of something special.”

Zac Pajak

New Music: James Delaney

“Green is about being awed and shaken by a sexually powerful woman. It was the first song I came up with upon moving to LA, and I wrote it as an extended metaphor about feeling naive and inexperienced in the daunting glow of Hollywood.”

James Delaney


“When I’m producing I create with the listener in mind, I want them to feel every detail, every aspect of my musical process, I hope the emotion captured in each song has the ability to translate into a feeling for anyone who listens, I want my music to be felt.”