New Music: Ethan Ross

A bold and captivating blend of rap, dark-pop and hip hop from New Jersey.

Ethan Ross

New Music: Julia Church

This is one of those mellow pop songs that immediately catches you and takes you on a journey. Julia Church has already released two EP’s (‘Take What You Want, Do As You Please’ and ‘To Have, Not Just To Hold’), and I frankly can’t get enough of this kid.

Julia Church

New Music: Liét

Track of the week. With a finessed and self-assured approach to RnB, London talent Liét has crafted a sound that feels refreshingly future-forward while still keeping some of those old-school vibes.


New Music: Vi.

Showcasing a perfect balance between EDM and pop, Swedish songwriter & producer duo Per Berglin and Adrian Bellan have come up with one of the catchiest tracks of the week, featuring vocals from VAALEA.

The song itself is all about accepting someone for everything that they are when you fall in love…

“If I take the best of you, I better take the rest of you. I guess that’s how it’s supposed to be.”


New Music: TARINI

Utterly mesmerising alt-RnB from a new Australian talent who’s managed to craft together a song that feels hauntingly intense yet delicate and emotive. It’s a true experience that deserves to be heard from start to end.

“It’s about the kind of romance where you long so deeply for someone and regardless of how beautiful the actual connection between you and this person is, this said person is always pulling you and the relationship into a negative space and complicating things. It’s almost a metaphor for like, can we just stop for a second and enjoy this?”


New Music: Rachel Shaps

An emotive approach to synth-pop, with a beautifully melodic flow. The sound feels powerful and highly charged, all the while displaying an essence of fragility and vulnerability.

“I have always had a tendency to gravitate towards people and opportunities that I know will probably only hurt me in the end but they feel so exciting in the moment that it’s hard to rein myself in before it’s too late. I actually had a psychic reading where the psychic told me I had a ‘power animal ally’ in my life at this time, and I had no idea what that meant, but she said it was a moth. After doing a little research on the significance of a moth, this idea of a ‘moth drawn to a flame’ totally resonated and stuck with me, and I instantly wrote this song.”

Rachel Shaps

New Music: Elias Salbu

A fabulous fusion of Norwegian indie, dream-pop and disco all come together to create just about the happiest song you’ll hear all day. It’s a sound that feels retro and kitsch yet endearingly charming.

“Why are you constantly wasting time?” – sounded like a cliché love drama to me and I wanted to turn it into a catchy dance party.”

Elias Salbu

New Music: Christian Cohle

A stunningly conceptual track from an Irish talent who encompasses a raw, dark and emotive sound; crafted into a style of music that is atmospheric and sparse, yet totally bewitching.

“One central idea to ‘Drown Me Slow’, is the unwillingness to let go of something, even after it has long left you. You become fixed on it and stare at it often as one can do with a distant star. The longing for it becomes more special than the reality of it itself, because perhaps it’s not even there anymore.”

Christian Cohle

New Music: BÉE

The first thing that catches your attention when you press play on this track are those stunning vocals from Dutch singer and songwriter BÉE (pronounced Bae).

Add to that her finessed approach to RnB and engaging lyricism, and you’ve got yourselves a very promising new starlet.

“I didn’t write this song because I’m unhappy being single, but I do love the idea of possibly bumping into my ‘Mr Right’ and immediately recognising him. I certainly hope that he’ll recognise me too.”



Liverpool-based talent (by way of Iceland), KRISTRÚN crafts a hauntingly dark blend of trip hop and electronic pop into a sound that feels atmospheric, raw and deeply intense.


New Music: Solomon

A wonderfully epic blend of pop, rock and indie from Maastricht-based outfit Solomon; a sound that is filled with intensely emotive tones of melancholy.

Taken from ‘Part 2’ of the band’s debut EP, which will be complete on 13th November.


New Music: KALI

An outstanding debut from a talent who’s still just 16-years old. It’s a lusciously blended array of genres including indie and surf-pop, served with cinematic flair.

“As I got older, I started to have experiences that were much more emotional and personal, and songwriting became an actual necessity instead of something that was fun for me to do.”


New Music: Austin Dean Ashford

Very rarely do you come across a talent who so perfectly blends Southern Trap with old-school hip hop and gospel as effortlessly as this; it’s a fresh approach to music and a genre that Austin Dean Ashford is pioneering under the term Island Trap.

This is a track that immediately charms it’s way right through to your heart, and the story behind it’s creation puts the song into context:

“Yes, I was in the middle of signing a major record deal and then Covid-19 happened while I was touring in New Zealand as a Ph.D. student. I knew I needed a way to adjust to the pandemic and decided to make Sophisti-Ratchet on my phone. Then on my iPad. Then I recorded it in Lubbock Texas at Amusement Park Studios while I was doing my Phd classes. I would like to portray the feeling of harmony. There are so many forces pulling us in so many ways that I hope we can get balance between our sophisticated and Ratchet sides of the spectrum.”

Austin Dean Ashford | Noel Scales

New Music: FAKY

With all the talk of K-Pop taking over the music world, it’s recently felt as though Japan’s pop scene was being overlooked slightly; when in fact, there’s just as much incredible music coming out of that country as anywhere else.

FAKY are an all-girl group who’s sound flirts between pop and RnB, with a big dose of fun and finesse. It’s J-Pop at it’s most polished, and is pretty exciting to experience.

“The reason why the title is ‘little more’ is because with everything that’s going on all around the world, it’s very hard to know how our days would go from now. All we know is that we are progressing just a little more and try finding ways to work around the situation so that soon we will be able to be back to normal or maybe a new normal.” -Taki, FAKY


New Music: Command Sisters

Rock and pop fused together into a sound that is packed with energy, all the while being playful (…and slightly bonkers).

“Right now, more than ever, we need something to make us feel good. This song means shamelessly going after what you want and not apologising for that! Doing the things that make YOU feel good, regardless of what people say. It’s all about self love.”

Command Sisters

New Music: Kendra Dantes

Californian talent Kendra Dantes has crafted a gorgeously haunting piece of power-pop, inspired by the ‘Six of Crows’ and ‘Shadow and Bone‘ book series by Leigh Bardugo. The sound feels intensely dark, cinematic and totally captivating.

Kendra Dantes