New Music: Lourdiz

“Suicide Down is about extremes. Life’s all ups and downs and you have to keep hustling to get to where you wanna go.” 



New Music: Erik Frank

LA pop with a sense of pensive dejection.

“Life changes at 21. Written the first day I moved to Los Angeles. I’m starting my new life. Leaving the past behind is tough and I would still go back to her.”

Erik Frank


Fun lyrics aside, this is a pretty slick fusion of hip hop and pop.

“Lyrically it’s obviously quite morbid but the story is told with tongue firmly in cheek. During the creative process, I sometimes think to myself “f**k… got a bit dark there… better make a joke.”


New Music: Isⱥbel

A debut from this San Francisco native. Soft indie pop that feels simple yet emotional at the same time.

“I originally started writing “Sorry” after getting in a fight with my mom that I felt a lot of guilt over, but then switched over to writing it about a boy.”


New Music: Reggie Becton

RnB with a smooth, minimal feel. Subtle and intense, this song is the latest part of Reggie’s project, ‘My Beanie’s Orange’.

The concept behind the video is derived from the hit Netflix show ‘YOU’, which explores the inner conflict of an obsessive lover so consumed by control it leads him to remove anyone in his path. 

Reggie Becton

New Music: Abby Sage

“Holy Water as a whole is about the desire for self-fulfilment before anything else. It plays upon the back and forth between allowing someone to take up space in your life versus reserving that whole space for yourself to grow and breathe.”

Abby Sage

New Music: ELIO

In these strange times, spending time online with friends has become more of a necessity than before. In any case, this is a pure pop gem – minimal and emotive while maintaining a sense of quirkiness.


New Music: Sea Rae

American synthpop with intricate beat structures.

“It’s about reclaiming ones identity. Whether that be from a person, situation, or feeling, saying goodbye to toxic situations even if that results in more pain.”

Sea Rae

New Music: Sneaky Little Devil

This is the perfect kind of psychedelic rock that we all need to escape from these very strange days. This track is the first of an 8-song record by Sneaky Little Devil, with one song being released for every forthcoming month.

“We’re trying to craft arrangements that are timeless, that can be listened to hundreds of times and always manage to offer new surprises, hidden gems.”

Sneaky Little Devil